Build Your Boat Battle! | Who Will Sink First!?

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Hey guys! In this challenge, we build rafts out of common materials from the hardware store. We have to float through huge waves and paddle around a GIANT Flamingo! Let's see who can build the best raft! Do you have any raft ideas? Let us know down below!

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They copied dude perfect

58 minutes ago

I like your vids you should do a fortnite vid

4 hours ago

32 divided by 2 .... 18

4 hours ago


5 hours ago

Bryan boat is the best

5 hours ago

Do you like wwe

5 hours ago


absolutely nobody:


6 hours ago

Did Bobby not see what happened to Garret from Dude Perfect

7 hours ago

Deborah McDaniel what happened to him?

2 hours ago

Part 2

7 hours ago

I love boat building videos

8 hours ago

Couldn’t they have just bought a pool raft?

8 hours ago

He forgot to seal his pvc.

10 hours ago

Bobby had to use pvc glue for a more stable boat

10 hours ago

when in doubt use Google lol the Mona Lisa took about 4 years to paint

11 hours ago

buy rc boat

11 hours ago


11 hours ago in math class 😂

12 hours ago

Knock off dude perfect

12 hours ago

9:15 he really looks like catch em all

13 hours ago

I voted for Bryan God Bless Bobby’s boat

13 hours ago

4:36 hahah....Jean

If you understand what this is from I love you

14 hours ago

J Fred

15 hours ago

Use flex tape

15 hours ago

I am so glad this channel has been made 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

16 hours ago

I'd make a raft like Bryan no math

16 hours ago


17 hours ago

Joey‘s was just an inflatable boat

18 hours ago

I love that these guys were just like, "hmmmmmmm... well Dude Perfect is popular, let's create a concept that is very like it, but slightly different as it is waay too edited".👍😃

20 hours ago

Hey big guy the boats getting real low 😭😭😭😂😂😂

20 hours ago

b u c k e t s

22 hours ago