The NETFLIX Problem

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Published: 1 month ago
The Streaming Industry will Collapse. Here's why.

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I told myself the Australia joke was dumb knowing full well it's the exact kind of joke I might make. Try as I might to continue in my in disapproval of these corny jokes . . . the Hulu-hoops broke me.

1 hour ago

this is a problem with the holders of IPs and not "streaming services" no reason why an IP Holder can't allow multiple services to stream it. clearly, the streaming services are asking for exclusivity but the IP holder has the power to say no

2 hours ago

Big Words hurt brain....Can someone explain it in SIMPLE TERMS enough and not have it be complex.

2 hours ago

Netflix is doom since George Soros bought assets on the enterprise. That was years ago. And you wonder why the series became garbage full of propaganda? That's why. I would not be surprise if the scripts are being revise or created in some Soros Foundation around the world.

4 hours ago

NF has a huge amount of rubbish films that just don't interest myself. Number of times I think of a film to watch and check the search to only find they don't have it. Same for a series.

6 hours ago

This will change not collapse. It will move to a more cable company where you can get a package of different channels together. The point is people think it is ok to pirate. The point is for companies to give people a reason not to pirate. In the end you will not be able to watch everything you want on one platform. The system will innovate as the market needs. Things have to be not nice, before someone will answer the problem

6 hours ago

the problem is you're looking at this through prism of only online streaming service has the thing is that intellectual property is always going to use this way I mean there's a reason why you have to sell it or allow that show to be on another station threes and why you don't do COA look American idol is doing really well on Fox so we're just going to air on CBS and other stations as well because why not because they don't own this exclusivity rights to it so then why would it station have any profitability producing that show they wanted they would stop producing it because it want to be profitable I mean your entire idea is based in a fallacy that somehow you can produce content without exclusivity which is stupid because the only way you make money is with that exclusivity which is the only way that then those shows get funded because they're not free to make only idiots think that way I mean you might not like the fact that all these other stations that are originally were on TV only are now going the route of Netflix but they figure it out but that is the future and so yes they're going to take their content and goaded their platforms that they've created almost like a TV station similar to stuff like Netflix I mean your argument is a complete just idiotic argument with no basis for knowledge or actual understanding on how things get made without the ability for a game of thrones for say to make money if it was this on any f**** stationed and carried by anybody in the world they wouldn't make it it wouldn't have been profitable I mean you're not going to spend $10 on an episode if some jack off the minute adair's is going to take it and have the right to just play it willy-nilly anywhere you want that's stupid I mean seriously where you take economics in magic fairy land 101 I mean seriously it's so dumb I mean you don't know what the f*** you're talkin about you obviously don't understand the basic concept of I don't know anyting you should honestly just delete this entire video cuz it's based on a stupid person that has no idea what they're talking about sorry but I mean you really don't know what the f*** you're talkin aboutI mean in your case what you're telling me is I should just be able to take your entire video copy and paste it put it on my own YouTube channel and you should be f*** out a luck but if it happened to you you wouldn't be okay with that would you but you're thinking that other streaming services should be able to do that because why because they're now want to go online streaming instead of Justice lucidly on TV stupid

6 hours ago

i have no subscriptions and just use android apps on amazon firestick. everything in one place. , if your interested go to reddit r/TTVreborn

6 hours ago

The way I see it is that Netflix didn't do to well in making sure nobody copies their idea. Much like cable. Almost every channel has law and order and it's fucking annoying. Yes certain services have what other ones don't and so on but with the way it's going cable will be a thing of the past. Netflix will always be the ABc, CBS, and NBC of the streaming world.

7 hours ago


11 hours ago

great essay

12 hours ago

Sadly i watch more youtube than Netflix these days. the choice is very limited and the turnover of movies is very slow

14 hours ago

Streaming companies should either have to produce all of their own content (ie, HBO), or only be able to license the content of others (ie Crunchyroll, and Netflix streaming as it originally existed).

They shouldn't be able to do both.

And the fact that companies like Netflix started doing both IMO is what caused the problem.

Content companies saw the extential crisis that was Netflix having licenses for all their content + using all those profits from that licensed content icenses to become producers on a scale that other companies couldn't compete with. Especially since Netflix could use all the data it collected from licensing all that content to have a much better handle on what people wanted to watch.

And licensing video should work more like licensing music -- if anyone can license it, everyone should be able to license it.

15 hours ago

Netflix blocking access to other regions was the beginning of the end. Australian Netflix’s is rubbish, which could be because “Australia doesn’t exist”. Hence return to torrents. LOL.

17 hours ago

New Zealand Netflix sucks af

17 hours ago

Remember Stage6? Stellar seervice. Decimated by ip laws.

18 hours ago

Litterally on kickasstorrents to get Brookklyn 99 season 6 right now.

19 hours ago

I liked that you used harry potter, even though it's a derivative work itself. She copied another existing property, including the name harry potter.
As far as netflix is concerned, I abandoned their service around 2015. All streaming services suck. I only have Prime video just because... amazon prime... I'm not paying for the streaming service and I wouldn't regardless. but I have it and can use it.

1 day ago

Netflix is shit. Stupid original productions, always trying to push political agendas, and there's NOTHING to watch. Fuck netflix.

1 day ago

What i'm disliking about Netflix is they're buying too much BBC shit.
If i wanted BBC programming i'd buy a licence and watch.

1 day ago

Yea I don't want to subscribe to a half dozen streaming services. Totally not happening. I actually have been using netflix more personally this past year.

I used to pirate a lot of stuff actually, show wise but I just don't care to watch most stuff anymore.

1 day ago

Imagine if the people who do sell Cable (TV) could buy channels and lock them out from other cable providers. So far as I know that doesn't happen but if it does it's happening on a very limited scale where I live.

1 day ago

Vertical integration sucks.

1 day ago

I want to watch new doctor who. Brit box only has the classic who. I don’t like having to keep switching streaming services once there are no shows worth watching.

1 day ago

if I didn't live in a house where someone less paid for netflix I wouldn't have anything

1 day ago

I mean amazon got that x Ray feature

1 day ago

Create ur own IP or stop watching

1 day ago

i'm a pirate sailing the seven torrents

1 day ago


1 day ago

Dude I think you are wrong,
If it's free on line people will go out there way to stream it or download it for free.

1 day ago

Streaming TV isn't going away anytime soon.

1 day ago