Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

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Published: 4 days ago
Watch this live demonstration of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, streamed right from the E3 show floor! You’ll get your best look yet at what it’s like to play the game, delivered by the people who know it best—the developers and Nintendo.

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Also, quit it with these stupid Z-move and dynamaxing gimmicks and bring back mega evolution.

6 minutes ago


31 seconds ago

Al chile, siempre me ha gustado Pokémon, pero no sé me hace de buen gusto, la manera en la que están trabajando ahora xd

Como que les anda valiendo verga lo que quieran los fans, y no es desde ahora, ya que en el anime, hacen lo que quieran con Satoshi/Ash

Luego hacen spinoffs bien cacas, pero como les deja dinero, no hay pedo para ustedes xd

Pero con la saga principal, ahí sí, es pasarse de brg xd porque si te das cuenta, lo que haces, se siente más a "Recortar contenido"

Más que nada, porque no parece que sean modelos nuevos, ya que pueden pasar por completo los modelos de lets go, y ya tendrían 152

E inclusive, pueden tomar los modelos de US/UM, le quitan los bordes y le aplican textura(como lo hacen algunos emuladores) y ya xD

Ah, y que te persigan los Pokémon, con eso ya jala 10/10

7 minutes ago

Wow, the exact same gameplay from Red and Blue...how innovative.

7 minutes ago

If it ain't broke

3 minutes ago

My god everyone is acting so damn entitled. This whole argument is nonsense. No one said this about the previous generations. Be thankful that they’re making a new Pokémon game with new Pokémon designs. I want to buy a brand new Pokémon game to discover new Pokémon to fall in love with. I don’t buy a new Pokémon game so I can catch the same Pokémon from the previous games. Go play those generations if you want to play them you spoilt brats.

15 minutes ago

Instead of the dynamax thing they could put megas and achieve more sense. Don't know if think they can't do it better or simply they don't want.

15 minutes ago

There 6 months left this isn’t the final work in sure it will have been changed and updated by then the games cannot be delayed due to tcg and anime

Please read a lot of fact from Joe of serebii on Twitter

16 minutes ago

Genius Sonority did a better job with Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness.

16 minutes ago

The dislikes HOLY

16 minutes ago

The game looks beautiful, we have overworld Pokemon, multiplayer and lots of new Pokemon! Think of Pokemon home as the national Dex, use new Pokemon in this game! It’s going to be the best Pokemon game!

25 minutes ago

I get the discontent with the animations, but do people actually expect to have all the pokemon from previous gens in one game?

edit: not that it wouldn't be possible (in the future)

34 minutes ago

Anyone else think about how long it takes for a new mainline Zelda or Mario to come out? But when they do, they are of insane quality and are always really amazing games? Yeah Game Freak, do that. We REALLY do not need a new Pokémon game every year, especially if this is what we get.

50 minutes ago

Please can we have some innovation in this series? Dynamic animations, more interesting and less dead open world, interesting new features (so not Dynamax)...

And bring back Mega Evolutions (and Z-moves) rather than DyNaMaX. No one like it and everyone likes mega evos. This will be the first Pokemon generation I don't get since before D&P. And that makes me very sad but I can't justify paying £60 for a rushed, repetitive, incomplete and uninnovative game. See you for the Sinnoh remakes - or if you improve this in the next 6 months a great deal.

50 minutes ago

When rom hacks is gonna have more pokemon lol

51 minutes ago

Can someone explain me what's all the drama about?

57 minutes ago

@jon There are still gonna be old ones in the game, just not all of them. The only pokemon you'll be able to transfer are those that appear in Galar, so the new pokemon and whichever ones they decide to put in Galar

19 seconds ago

@Me the awesome guy so only the new ones and they removed the old gen ones, that kinda sucks I was planning to buy the switch for this game :/

11 minutes ago

jon the removal of the national dex

28 minutes ago

Dang this really sucks because I really like so many things about this game, but that’s a really big blow by not including every Pokémon.

1 hour ago

What's is your favorite pokemon?

1 hour ago

Mine are raichu and dedenne (or minichu, as I call it)

19 minutes ago

I like rayquaza and scizor

27 minutes ago


57 minutes ago


1 hour ago

Bailo por todos los que ya no están y por todos los que sufrieron 💔

1 hour ago

People here acting like they straight up erased the Pokemon. Take a chill pill peeps, they'd be returning next gen/DPPt remakes. They're just limiting the pokemon showing up because we're almost reaching a thousand.

1 hour ago

Game Freak should still do the character art for any and all new Pokemon, but they need to farm out game development to a more competent/larger studio if they can't cut it.
It's pretty obvious they're just not passionate about Pokemon games any more; they would probably be happier just developing other games like "Town".
Let a development studio who will put All their effort into the games have a shot at the next one.

1 hour ago

Et les attardés de nsex vont se ruer dessus !

1 hour ago

Wow... This looks like a wii game with higher resolution... They really should delay it.

1 hour ago

1941-45: World War against Japan
2019: Same thing but the developer (it's in the same country, obviously) and by voice

1 hour ago

Please reconsider this decision. Having every Pokémon available to transfer into the game is such an important part of what Pokémon is. I care so much about this series and don’t want to see it lose its core

1 hour ago

What no one seems to understand is that pokemon home is your universal Pokémon box. You don’t have to take your Pokémon on every single adventure with you. The future games will have a different crop of Pokémon. No Pokémon is being left behind. Every Pokémon in this game won’t be in the next

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

There is no game!

1 hour ago

I feel like I’m the only one who really doesn’t care about the whole “not all Pokémon are present” thing. Like, I’m just happy there’s a new Pokémon game and Game Freak isn’t becoming the YG Entertainment of the video game industry.

That’s a reference no one will get.

1 hour ago

Thanos: You should have gone for the dynamax
*Half the pokemons are wiped out of existence...

Now the battle mechanics are perfectly balanced
As all things should be

1 hour ago

Something tells me they didnt model all of the pokemon...

2 hours ago