James Charles RESPONDS To Shane Dawson's 'Beautiful World of Jeffree Star'??

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Published: 1 week ago
After months of anticipation, Shane Dawson finally released episode 1 of the 'Beautiful World of Jeffree Star' and it's creating waves online.
SHANE'S VIDEO: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/IKBGH3xkuWJ/vid.html

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10 seconds ago

I hope they stay as friends forever.

1 hour ago

I didn’t want to watch this series but you just sold it to me

2 hours ago

Oh so people are still giving attention to James Charles? Lol. Though we already settled that he was “not that interesting”???

5 hours ago

Okay when they could hear them screaming shane from inside the store that made me sob like OMG he didn't feel accepted then all these people are cheering for him

6 hours ago

At 4:06 her name is ashLYNN not Ashley... As an ashlynn I get this all the time😞

10 hours ago

1000 comment your welcome 😘

13 hours ago


13 hours ago

I just got click baited :(

14 hours ago

No one can be non biased, humans will always find a way to input their opinions and make decisions upon their opinions

15 hours ago

I don’t even do makeup and I would buy a Shane Dawson palette 😂😂

15 hours ago

fucking clickbait

19 hours ago

Fucking love Shane to bits and pieces

19 hours ago

I love Their friendship. Two awesome people !!!

21 hours ago

Always gonna be on Shane's side. No matter what!

22 hours ago

Shane and Jeffree ain't worried about that irrelevant little CHILD James freaking Charles. Who tf cares about what he has to say or what he thinks. Please cancel James. Period...

1 day ago

Im a guy but I actually want that pig mirror tbh

1 day ago

he didn't respond, fucking dumbass clickbait.

1 day ago

I hate drama

Yet im here anyway. I really dont like drama at all, but i still watch

1 day ago

They are all my Queens

2 days ago

I thought it was illegal to carry a gun in CA? Or is that just poor people. Shoot to kill? That’s disturbing.

2 days ago

This is exactly the drama Shane was worried about. Most likely he’ll talk about this in the next video

2 days ago

Should have been called the beautiful life of Shane Dawson cause the series was more about him.

2 days ago

I just hate James Charles for his singing and screaming for twitch streaming. Traumatized by that. Plus I hate when he start to talk. That's all.

2 days ago

Well I find this host HOT AF! She's pretty pretty!💖😍😍😍😍😍

2 days ago

James is so jealous. Period.

2 days ago

James Charles needs to humble himself and stop being such a bitter queen its pathetic I really don't care for him.

3 days ago

Well it's been longer than a year, hope Jeffree and Shane remain best friends. No one else has lasted. 😵🥺

3 days ago

James Charles is a predatory sack of shit. He also uses people until he doesn't need them anymore and tosses them away like trash. His products are cheap shit made in China and he only pays about $2 per unit then charges the consumer $50+. Jefree's palletes are $20 per unit and it shows. He also doesn't charge more for his products to compensate, so he gets less in the end. He's still doing ten times better than James in sales so....🤷‍♂️

3 days ago

Shane Dawson is just being himself if he saw the full video he would understand that Shane is just joking around and it’s about Jeffrey not James, it’s causing drama that’s not needed

4 days ago