Incredible Lightning Strike Over New York

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Published: 5 months ago
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I started school today, this definitely helps my mood 🙂

5 months ago

Caleb Strieter lol I know is been 5months but how is school

2 days ago

What was that scream sound in the storm sounds like a big monster

2 days ago


1 week ago

four ramsey Armyyyyyy

1 month ago

Ok boomer

1 month ago

1:19 Hello , Vault-Tec calling!

52 minutes ago

I was expecting Bo2 memes

1 hour ago

90 years later : still alive

10 hours ago

Well go figure rich people have their own vaults

14 hours ago

I have to become super rich if I want my family to be in that shelter.

17 hours ago

You see a bunker, I see a Vault.

18 hours ago

I love the sound of youre mic turning on at the beginning of youre videos

1 day ago

dang titan shifters

1 day ago

Alright Who Angered Thor

1 day ago

Animal: your not wasting your water bill

1 day ago

Can we get some ffs in the chat because this guy never clickbaits us

1 day ago

Literally called the end of the WORLD. W O R L D.
"hey lets make a bunker"

1 day ago

Those condos won’t last long

1 day ago


1 day ago

Lightning strike ready for deployment

1 day ago

Everyone knows New York is the city of sin

2 days ago


2 days ago

Ohh I remember that lightning storm.

2 days ago

you made my day a lot better :)

2 days ago

Im kinda pissed that they made a safe place when the end of the world comes for ONLY RICH PEOPLE.

2 days ago

The person who took the mouse into their car, to let it stay warm is a really good person

2 days ago

2:09 Got ya

2 days ago

rice-bombing is effective on ricers.

2 days ago

1:07 that manatee is actually dieing of lack of fresh water to drink , that's why the manatees are getting close to boats near docks when they are trying to get water that most of the time comes out of ice machines with melted ice, what is happening in Florida

3 days ago

1:19 if the end of the world arrives, money won’t be worth anything

3 days ago

That’s not newyork

4 days ago

The manatee to his freinds: ay bruh this water slaps you gotta try this shit

5 days ago

Of corse it’s for rich people 🙄

5 days ago

Nice try people. This shelter won’t save you from that.

5 days ago