Testing If My Food is REAL or FAKE

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Published: 1 week ago
Official “Testing If My Food is REAL or FAKE” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Can we peep the farmlife milk in the beginning and how that’s not okay?

2 minutes ago

Literally on the package it says cheese product. Kraft sucks -_-

16 minutes ago

I like how he just throws the stuff everywhere when hes done with it

17 minutes ago

Also wax on veggies/fruit won't kill u c:

18 minutes ago

Breyers ice cream doesn't melt. Test it.

18 minutes ago

thank you! i always wanted to know if my food was real or fake! i realized i was eating a fucking plastic potato all my life

1 hour ago

This whole video is dumb if it was fake the FDA would have been on top of it dumbasses

2 hours ago

Ur hilarious!! I love ur channel!! U remind me of Kevin Hart!!! I was laughing my ass off!! New subbie!!!

2 hours ago

You just gonna throw those icecream like that?😳

2 hours ago

Alonzo:" We're gonna see how fresh this is........ Now what you need to test i- * gets mad a bowls*

3 hours ago

13:25 my hispanic mom 😂

5 hours ago

Every one of my friends: DON’T EAT KAFT CHEESE IT’S FAKE.

Me: eats it anyway

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

When he punched the honey 😂😂😭

8 hours ago

Weird food combos to try
1. take a strawberry
2. Dip in sour cream
3. Dip in brown sugar

Another kinda weird food combo i do is bacon and ketchup

8 hours ago


8 hours ago

The dollar milk didn’t turn blue because it’s *

8 hours ago

The thing with the rice I'm sitting here like....they talking about plastic bits but we not gonna mention that some bags got weevils in em just crawling around living they weevil life

9 hours ago

Breyer’s is fake as shit don’t believe this guy😂

9 hours ago

is musinex a vitamin?

9 hours ago

Is he that fucking stupid

9 hours ago

This entire video is such an eye roll... Normally I like his stuff but... Wow. No.

9 hours ago

Him sayin “for a dolla?!” Is giving me sad flashbacks of Liza 😭

R.I.P. Liza’s YouTube Channel

10 hours ago

welcome to another episode of ‘why is this in my recommended?’

10 hours ago

bryers aint real, it doesnt melt lol

10 hours ago

He so funny 😂

10 hours ago

Something y’all should know is if you guys are on a budget for your family y’all should go to Aldis they have lots of things for good prices in their bagels are amazing 🤤 and so is most of their produce

10 hours ago

stop buying fairlife milk!!

10 hours ago

First black person to not get upset wasting food throwing it. U must got some white in u cuzzz lord black folks will be saying eat all that food we cannot afford to waste any

10 hours ago

Please stop using fairlife

10 hours ago