Fixing a Broken Gaming Monitor for CHEAP - DIY

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Published: 1 week ago
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We bought this shipping damaged monitor off eBay with the intention of fixing it works as good as new. Come along for the ride!

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Get an unrestricted 30-day free trial of FreshBooks at

Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at

1 week ago

Every Time I see the Thumbnail in my recommendations, I keep thinking you’re working on Starscream from the Transformers.

10 hours ago

Talk to my school they have square VGA monitors and keyboards from like 2000. The best keyboards are logitek K120s and the pc is Dell optiplex 3060. Spend some on new equipment...

11 hours ago

Linus Tech Tips Please video for bios chip broke laptop

5 days ago

For videos like these, is it possible to add a top down view? :D

1 week ago

Take out old laptop screen, find the screen model number on the back, get a controller board with a lvds cable and remote, plug the monitor panel into the controller board and the button assembly in and then make a housing. Ad a chromecast and you have a wireless TV. Get the monitor from an eeepc 1000h, a hds100ifw1 controller board (model number of this particular monitor panel) here or here if you want a fancier remote, follow the instructions and then make a housing out of wood or recycle an old monitor case. Done, home made TV for under 80 dollars, wireless with a chromecast and built in DC battery pack.

1 week ago

"100% or doesn't work" is 50% success chance!

14 minutes ago

Do you guys need to pay custom duty for shipping via aliexpress?

36 minutes ago

Nobody noticed the mm710

1 hour ago

Wow it's hard to find monitor parts..

1 hour ago

If bridging the connectors and discharging the capacitors could injure or kill you, why not use bleeder resistors to discharge the capacitors first?

1 hour ago

Linus should have just wrecked the monitor at the end and just bought him one :-)

2 hours ago

It's mostly just MSI Optix monitors now.... Probably because for hours of searching i never found any panels models numbers for then.... Did anybody else find them? Would love to get one.

4 hours ago

Activate windows

4 hours ago

you should b more careful being that close to high rez monitors for 2 long. don't mean 2 b that guy.

5 hours ago

Does it have 144hz After the New panel

5 hours ago

i'm can so relate to Alex.
Too cheap to pay anything new when i can "fix" everything in some "NotSoPerfectWay", but as long is cheap and it works i don't mind and i got for it. Even though i regret some times.
Ergo my "home assistant device" being an used old phone hanging in the ceiling receiving voice commands and running tasker to execute them manually on the display and using a Broadlink transmitter to blast IR and RF.
Which i recently discover that they already come ready to run from your google assistant in your on phone.

5 hours ago

You call these chances 50% when it will either work or not at all.

6 hours ago

Linus: Speaking of all or nothing...

Me: Skips 20 seconds

Intro: Be kind, rewind

Me: 😯😯

6 hours ago

Two months of effing around, C'mon... seriously... what a waste of time. Meh.

6 hours ago

Gg boys

8 hours ago

It's close to 900 bucks here in Canada..

9 hours ago

Wait is Linus showing us things we can actually afford? Not just showing us the newest crap we can't afford? Well this is kind of refreshing.

9 hours ago

Fried the power supply on a monitor once. Praying the panel was still good, I bought one with a broken panel on ebay, put the 2 together and was good to go for only $25. Yay!

10 hours ago

my 2k monitor upgrade was one of the best moves, games just look sexy, makes 1080 look fuzzy and hurts my souls!

10 hours ago

you want cheaper gaming hardware just send your CV to Linustechtips

15 hours ago

says "if i damage one of these capacitors i could die"

lets it hit the table

wp linus

15 hours ago

Recently returned a monitor for a dead pixel, took it into store. Took a while to find it, was looking like I took a 'dusty' screen in. Managed to get the guy to see it eventually, took a photo of it (not sure if anything to special about the camera) just on his phone and it showed up clear as day. Not sure if something might be able to play around with yourselves with a screen know has bust pixels. Ended up showing ones had missed myself.

17 hours ago

Since when can IPS Displays go as low as 1ms GTG?

19 hours ago

the monitor was dropped by Linus and then sold on ebay! ;)

20 hours ago

Next, building your own monitor

22 hours ago

0:23 and that is why I now have a ryzen 5 2400g and the 2060 super in the same build

23 hours ago

Linus doesn't give a shit who gets the end product. He just likes fixing shit and seeing it work 😂😂👍

1 day ago

wheres Dave from EEVBlog?

1 day ago

it's really in there

1 day ago

the bottom had to go in first

1 day ago

there's a ridge there, see kinda settles in there

1 day ago

now it's coming out

1 day ago

maybe it doesn't need to come out

1 day ago