Matt Boling 44.74 4x4 Comeback!!!

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Published: 1 week ago
Watch more state meet races here:
Just when you thought you had Matt Boling beat...he does this.


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Y’all know that white boy on drugs stop bullshittin

22 minutes ago

"On your right!" ;-)

1 hour ago

S I C K !!

2 hours ago

The guy that ran last leg ran likeba faggit, he dad to lose

2 hours ago

Boling looking like a Learjet out that mf!

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

White man wins

3 hours ago

The next Jeremy Wariner?

3 hours ago

They are going to perfect and hone this dude’s skills in college and you will see him running the finals of the Olympics soon.

5 hours ago

It is a great thing to see another young man bring more fans into T&F. Every once in awhile God blesses someone with extraordinary abilities and talent. This is obviously one of them.

6 hours ago

I’m gonna get you I’m gonna get you

7 hours ago


10 hours ago

To give this perspective: 44.74 is one of the top 1000 times ever run, EVER. And I mean in every single type of track meet, including Olympics.
And this is a high school boy.

If he shaves one second off this time......he'd be in the top 25 ever.

11 hours ago

My best time in high school was 58 and I damn near died.

12 hours ago

was that white privilege or just hard work and talent

12 hours ago

Wow. Just wow.

12 hours ago

Please let this guy stay healthy! He will be Track and Field's Michael Phelps in a few years

13 hours ago

Like a Great White Shark chasing you.

13 hours ago

The commentators were awful. Talking over each other. Stop blurting out hyperbole while the other is talking. It adds no gravitas at all.

14 hours ago

Pretty fly for a white guy.....
Can’t wait to see what he does in the grown up arena!

14 hours ago

Great race!

15 hours ago

I have watched this 50 times and I simply can't believe what I just saw. Having run that event in high school I know that to make up 3 seconds against a 47.7 is nearly impossible. You just witnessed the most improbably comeback I have ever seen. It is a phenomenal performance and the courage to push to your limit is not to be taken lightly. Remember he is not racing against someone that is slow. That is the anchor relay man for one of the fastest teams in the country. What you are witnessing is pure athletic ability in the most basic form. These kids are great but watching Matt Boling run is an absolute privileged. I am in awe of it.

18 hours ago

Jesus! White people are really evolving!? O_o

18 hours ago

Ain't none of these guys got a normal name. 😂🤣

19 hours ago

Anyone else see how relaxed and calm he was middle way, effortless strides

19 hours ago


20 hours ago

Imagine if the second place team traded their anchor runner for him!!!

21 hours ago

He will have a lot of competition on the collegiate level.

22 hours ago

He's a Boss!!!

23 hours ago


23 hours ago