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Published: 1 week ago
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What's a Doon OwO

2 hours ago

Frazer: goes into house
House: Am I a joke to you?

4 hours ago

burnin and itchin

oh wrong video....

6 hours ago

It's no one going to notice how Frazer lowkey looks like Shaggy from Scooby-doo?

7 hours ago

So basically the house of there 😂 great video

9 hours ago

how does hanging makes thump noise??

9 hours ago

Someone for got to bring his Ak-47....

10 hours ago

Makes you wonder who or what did that to him? On second thought, I don't want to know.

10 hours ago

horror stories arent possible without the dumbasses

10 hours ago

horror strories arent good without the dumbasses

10 hours ago

I'm getting scared now lmao.

11 hours ago

Sapphire: wanna hear something scary?
Me:ah shit, here we go again

12 hours ago


12 hours ago

The real question is...

Why is it called Doon?

12 hours ago

its just DIO's Mansion, every 5 seconds

13 hours ago

I had a friend named Frazer.

14 hours ago

Pilipino ka ba ate?

14 hours ago


16 hours ago

Is it just me or does Frazer dude look like shag

16 hours ago

Lol i thought the title said house of doom... had to look again to make sure

16 hours ago

What kept him swinging?

17 hours ago


Me:Can I PLEASE get a waffle?

19 hours ago

Sapphire: wanna hear something scary?

Me: Ah shit. Here we go again

19 hours ago

Haha at first I thought that they made a typo then she actually said doon! Anyone else?

20 hours ago

Video: The house of doon

Captions: The mouse of truth

20 hours ago

Anyone else think the title was supposed to say “The house of doom”

1 day ago

Moral of story:
Dont be nosy
Curiosity ALWAYS kills the cat

1 day ago

Who thought that Frazer was shaggy

1 day ago

I don’t get it....why did he hang himself

1 day ago

Is me or when sapphire said he was hanged i had the biggest grin on my face

Like wtf did u think was gonna happen

1 day ago