The Mind Blowing 33 Million Pixel Display...

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Published: 1 year ago
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The Dell UltraSharp 32-inch 8K Monitor (UP3218K) is the most pixel dense display I've ever placed on my desk. Are you ready for 8K?



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Check out TicWatch -
Use code UNBOX to get 20% off.

1 year ago

Keep up the good work. Love every second😁😁

2 days ago

Yikes I watching this in 720p on an old android tablet

2 weeks ago

actually, your TV is 12K Resolution not just 8K !

3 months ago

That keyboard!!! what is it?

5 months ago

Unbox Therapy i am on an iphone 6s so in youtube it’s 1080p

6 months ago

At 720p

19 hours ago

1440p on my s10 plus atm

1 day ago

Watching on 720p I know it sucks im watching on a very old tablet

1 day ago

Watching in my tablet at 1440p

1 day ago

Hahaha 360p

1 day ago

Watching in 4k on a 4k display on my Xperia xz2 premium 😁

1 day ago

Lance Nebeker nobody asked u fool

14 hours ago

waching this video in 720p on a 1080p tv on my perants 6year old single core doodoo pc

2 days ago

144p on a 144p windows laptop. Its minecraft all over agian😭😭😭

2 days ago


2 days ago

480p, I'm poor, what?

2 days ago


2 days ago

😂watching with iPhone XR

2 days ago

watching this 8k monitor in 144p

2 days ago

at 2:45 when he first glances on that screen he makes a noise that would only happen when u see a 33 million pixel screen but, we cant see it cuz we too poor or we would make that noise too :'(

at 2:50 he shat himself lol

3 days ago

1phone7 720p so YouTube says 🤦🏼‍♂️

4 days ago

I watch it in 4K 1920x1080

4 days ago

1440p on a NOTE 9

5 days ago

What's the name of the long Keyboard in the video

5 days ago

480p on an iphone 6 that i replaced the screen on with cheap a ebay replacement. It flickers like a strobe if i turn the brightness past half way🤙😐

6 days ago

Video: 4k
Tv: Samsung 8k
Phone: Samsung galaxy s10
Tablet: galaxy s4
Laptop: galaxy book
Live in: Israel

1 week ago

It is Glad to see "Nobody" -- Caring about something, They're usually a AHole...but seem they turned over a new leaf. Good for them.

1 week ago

+Haze Maze everybody cares about themself lol

1 week ago

Nobody: cares

1 week ago

Watching in an iPhone X

1 week ago

Hey, well we can still go up 1,600k Monitors before it is impossible to see the difference

1 week ago

I have 4 screens.
gaming set up - 2 27 inch monitors (1080p and 1440)
TV in my gaming room 42 inch (4k)
Bedroom TV 32 inch (1080p)

1 week ago


1 week ago

720p only hahaha

1 week ago

I'm watching this video on a 1600x1200 monitor 60hz and 480p quality

1 week ago

720 on my motorola phone😐😐

1 week ago

1920, 1080.

1 week ago

watching on 4k

1 week ago