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Published: 1846 days
Elegant rose and hydrangeas mirror box are great to have for a centerpiece or any type of elegant event that you may have.

Square styrofoam block 7.8in x 7.8in x7.8in- Hobby Lobby $6.79 with 40% coupon code.
Square smoothfoam 5"x5"x5" $1.79 with the 40% off coupon code.
Wide ribbon- Hobby Lobby $1.99 with the 50% off promotion
Small ribbon- Walmart $1.00 on clearance
Brooches- Hobby Lobby $1.80 with the 50%off promo code.
Square large mirror- Hobby Lobby $2.39 with the 40%off coupon code
Square large edge rounded mirror- Ikea purchased years ago when we were working on a wedding I believe they were under $10.00 comes 4 in a pack.
Medium square mirrors- .99 cent store
Grout- Home Depot under $5.00
Beaded pearls- Hobby Lobby $1.00 on a stem 50% off weekly promotion
Crystals- Hobby Lobby $4.00 a yard with a 40%off coupon code
Crystals- Hobby Lobby
Pipe- Home Depot .25 cent
Diamond mesh roll- Downtown Los Angeles $15.00 in a bulk has lasted for years... you can also find it online or the smaller ones on a roll at the Dollar Tree.
Medium styrofoam ball- Hobby Lobby 3.8in 2 Pc balls $3.29 40%off coupon code
Large styrofoam ball- Hobby Lobby 4.7in $2.69 40%off coupon code


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