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Published: 1 week ago

In today's video, we're going to talk about the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama and you know I'm coming back with a BANG!

Hope you enjoy the video!

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1 week ago

if you are ever going to take jeffree start down it's now or never

2 days ago

Why do these people need to explain themselves so much.

4 days ago

are you still coming out with a second part?

5 days ago

Where have you been?? Missed you and your videos heaps!

5 days ago

she is so fake. it’s so obvious. look at her facial expressions towards him.poor james

47 minutes ago

I’ve missed you so much!! Glad to have to back!!!!

2 hours ago

The thumbnail is everything.

5 hours ago

I find it so ironic that all these drama channels went quiet the moment Jeffree admitted that what he did was wrong, and the audience turned against Tati. Y'all got nothing to say now all of a sudden. Is it because you're scared? Because you were wrong? Both?

10 hours ago

didn't age well hon

12 hours ago

Why does the most important information, then snap, is right at their back of a long video with statements

16 hours ago

She still has the nerve to speak? So somehow it doesn’t matter that she made up rumors about him being a sexual predator because of freaking sugar bear hair vitamins? If she loved James so much she wouldn’t trade him for stupid vitamins.

21 hours ago

So all this over some pills. I mean if she’s his best friend then she shouldn’t put limitations on him. It’s like saying your my bff but you can’t do this this this n this. So highschoolish.

23 hours ago

In James’ new video how he said the first artist band is from a different brand..... why hasn’t he shown or told us WHO that first artist pass is from? If it was from a different brand WHERE has been the sponsorship or ad that he’s meant to be putting up to promote the so called “brand”? Seems like he’s trying to manipulate the facts again.

1 day ago

i love how the liar cunt bitch says...........i cant film, while filming.......I HOPE JAMES SUES ALL U PETTY FUCKS FOR SLANDER...............NASTY BITCH

1 day ago

You should do a video on the recent tea called the biggest reverse card in drama history or history period you'll know what I'm talking about if you followed the recent news in the James Charles and tati scandal etc.

1 day ago

Where you at homegirl?

1 day ago

I came here to understand the memes

1 day ago

He said he got the artist passes the first weekend and then the next weekend he went for just sat and only got the vip passes then the crowd was crazy so he texted Nikki whatever and asked if she could ask sugar bear if he could get some artist passes for him and his friends because the crowd was unsafe.. so that’s makes sense. Nikki was there and was saying I’m going to come save you from the crowd. And Nikki texted sugar bear and sent him the screenshots from them saying they would do that if he does so and so with their brand.

1 day ago


1 day ago

I really hope they find a way to work it out, even getting to a cordial place is a challenge when you feel betrayed by someone you have loved to life. Prayers up.

1 day ago

I hope he sues tatti (stupid name!) for libal and slander and takes the fuckin bitch down... And ownes her!
Fuckin lying bitch?

1 day ago

Remember when Rich Lux held Manny MUA's funeral service for the copper eyelid and nude lip? I laughed so hard! No makeup mentioned in this blow up. But I do believe that this is going to have James Charles looking for work after the dust settles. NO smart well managed non crazy company wants to work a crazy teenager. And he is still a teen. But he wanted to be a part of the adult world of modeling, makeup, etc....well he got it!

1 day ago

So 5:08 she started his career and and now tried end his career because he was doing someone a favor who helped him with security. The beauty world is ugly. She's James Charles fairy Godmother if she flew him out and got him started. Wow. Idk there were people out there so nice and actually helped people in real life. It's nice to know that people like that do exist.

1 day ago

Westbrook was NEVER silent! She just came up with yet another excuse to trash an underage boy. She's a jealous old woman at 37 who can't deal with the fact that he is young, has real talent, is very successful, is MUCH better looking even without makeup.

2 days ago

This makes me want to rethink going into the entertainment industry. People are such users.

2 days ago

Ok but why is she crying? Ok he did something that was like a slap in the face to you. Now you know who’s what to you. Move on. It’s not even a huge deal anyway. Who cares if he promoted those vitamins for .3 seconds? He can always still promote tatis vitamins after his contract is done with sugar bear. And as far as James messing with straight guys, honey if those guys who are feeling some type of way about it done come out with the info or don’t get the police involved if they feel harassed, why do you feel it’s a jab to you as well? I’m not saying James is my favorite beauty influencer but, why does any LITTLE mistake he does have to be about her? Again James is young so you have to be prepared for him to make these kinds of mistakes. You’re a grown woman. Act like it please!

2 days ago

Boo boo poor me.. I’ve been dropped by a sister who thought sugar bear vitamins for “SLEEPING” and not “hair growth”.. stupid, lady grow up. You’re upset beccause you wanted to chain James to your wrist and he broke away by making a video about a vitamin that helps him “SLEEP”

2 days ago

Get to the point!!! What is the problem she is spoiled and needs to get over herself

2 days ago

He’s a liar and deserves to crash and burn. He had no loyalty towards anyone and would probably let his mom and brother die in a fire with no remorse, that’s how cold and calculated he is...karma will get the best of this trash.

2 days ago

Wtf are you crying about? You’re talking but saying absolutely NOTHING

2 days ago

Should have called the video Tatea

2 days ago

Ok so she’s mad that he showed of a different gummy bear then hers like bruh that’s the stupidest thing ever he didn’t know she wanted him to show of hers and so what he was just saying that he liked the hummus bruh she’s petty assfff

2 days ago

Gummy’s *

2 days ago

Law No 1 NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER Well played Tati 👏👏👏

2 days ago