Star NX-2420: Color Dot Matrix Printer from 1990

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Published: 1 week ago
Unboxing, setting up, and testing out a Star Micronics NX-2420 dot matrix printer! And yes, it is capable of printing in color on either single sheet printer paper or fan-fold tractor feed paper. Classic.

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Dot matrix ; INDESTRUCTABLE , prints millions up on millions of pages before it dies. Can print multiple layer pages (Nice for press-trough contracts). I have NEVER EVER seen a laser/deskjet that could even scratch the numbers of prints of a dotmatrix. Did i tell you it is not only cheap in use, but also cheap in ALWAYS works on any system.

3 hours ago

I remember using my dads Star dot matrix printer to print big Happy Birthday banners onto fanfold paper, using a DOS program called Banner Mania. This was a while ago lol

4 hours ago

there's a web site ink store that still sells ribbon's i bought some online from them.

6 hours ago

What no Gray Green alternating barcode tracker feed? I wonder what life topday would be like if they had "reverse" decomposition 3D printing from way back then. Instead of building up things, they used a block or cube of ABS plastic and used something like those print head pins to chisel a block from Top to Bottom to produce 3D layered parts. The HP Plotter tech eventually developed into the Hypnotic 3D deposition printing tech.. almost two sides of the same coin.

8 hours ago

Back in the 80s, I remember one C64 magazine publishing a type-in program that would let you print in color on a standard dot matrix printer. You had to have three different colored ribbons in addition to black and run the paper through the printer four times, one for each of the ribbons. Not sure how well it worked as I never had colored ribbons to try it.

I remember the T-shirt ribbons. I think you could get them for almost every type of printer.

I like that it came with an actual manual. Now stuff comes with a Quick-Start poster and a folded piece of paper describing how to turn it on. Then if you're lucky, there's a link to a web site with a 10-page PDF file giving a brief description of all the features.

10 hours ago

you should make a version of the office but back in the day with all the vintage tech you have lol

11 hours ago

I beat the crap out of mine on my C128 as well as my apple laser

11 hours ago

Someone send him a still good t-shirt ink cartridge. CHESS.BMP t-shirts await!

12 hours ago

Why don't you try fixing the color cartriges? Maybe ask for help to the 8bit guy?

14 hours ago

I miss the old print shop for the Commodore 64. I played around with it more than I did on pc.

14 hours ago

Holy moly, I had that printer! And that monitor!

14 hours ago

I remember making banners in Print Shop back in primary school on an Apple IIe! So amazing at the time!

17 hours ago

It's been some years since I have heard the noise of a dot-matrix printer.

19 hours ago

pretty sure you could find o-rings in the right diameter and thiccnes. great vid for sure

22 hours ago

Yes! The ponts.

1 day ago

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. that thing is a BEAST!!! no one had their own color printer for at least 5 years after that

1 day ago

Interesting to see color on this dot matrix kind of printer, but the price is like very expensive back in the day to the point where today you can get a color laser printer with scan copy and fax along with wireless phone connectivity for about $350 and reaches $500 for extra color toner.

1 day ago

Tip of my hat to Star for keeping around ~30 year old drivers on their website

1 day ago

[Chuckles about nothing] - best Closed Captioning ever.

1 day ago

Have you considered replacing the foam on the rollers with some sort of foam tape?

1 day ago

I didn't know that the apple imagewriter ii dot matrix printed in color until I bought one with color ribbon in it and tried it out

1 day ago

Eat Ponts

1 day ago

Had this exact model back in the day. Printed countless amounts of times, so many ribbon changes, fixing misfeeds, and saving print jobs for day vs night use. Used it up until HP inkjets finally started dropping in price in the later 90s when they changed the business model to making profits on ink vs the hardware.

1 day ago

My dad was an accountant and he did a lot of tax work for people. I just remember that around tax season when I was a kid the sound of a dot matrix printer was happening a lot.

1 day ago

"The smell"... Now it all comes back! :-D

1 day ago

Move the color ribbon to the black ribbon case

1 day ago

I love your enthusiasm over the fanfold paper. Back around '99 I ran a press that made that kind of paper. Many millions of feet. There were also carbon papers for multiform documents or set carriers hospitals used (they would have multiform documents glued to these carriers so they could go through dot matrix printers that could print through all copies).

1 day ago

8:23 Fonts? No, I think you mean ponts.

1 day ago

Wow, can't believe the ink cartridges still work ❗❗❗

1 day ago


1 day ago