Everything Wrong With Mortal Engines In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Published: 5 days ago
The books are apparently pretty good. This movie? Not so much. Yes, it has sins, and we'll list them for you, but more importantly... this movie isn't good.

Thursday: Not sure yet, but there will be sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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hey CinemaSins how come you never did Chernobyl Diaries?

13 minutes ago

I have to agree with almost all of the sins, but I still really liked that movie. Of course, since I read the books, it's easy to connect the dots when you know what the picture is supposed to be :-D

I'm convinced that on some cutting floor there is at least half an hour of movie that was deemed "too boring", which would explain half the plot holes.

1 hour ago

4:49 she should've gone for the head.

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

This is the most angry I've heard you be at a movie.

2 hours ago

Great visual but story... Meh. Why moving cities? Tremor like monsters or what?

3 hours ago

The title alone is a sin. Engine's are not living so cannot die

3 hours ago

5:34, she probably messed that small town up or somethin...possibly fiddled with it's engine.

3 hours ago

more funny than it is critical, which is a good thing......because i really liked this movie

3 hours ago

It’s,certainly,up there with The Golden Compass.

5 hours ago

Sin for not seeing how Fang is a ripoff of Ada Wong xD

6 hours ago

So this super weapon pops out from a church all Evil Genius like. Nobody has any idea what's going on with the church but they somehow built the roof to open up and out comes the weapon. How exactly do you hide all the work needed to do this in a city nobody leaves? Do they just toss a tarp over the inner workings every Sunday and nobody's the wiser?

6 hours ago

How this movie made it out of the editing room and onto screens is beyond me. It was an absolutely astounding disaster from start to finish.

6 hours ago

The book is like more exciting

6 hours ago

Looks good but the writing is just complete cliche

13 hours ago

Can you review ‘The Last Dragon?’

14 hours ago

didnt do the books justice :(

15 hours ago

I have my bets on the Siner.

15 hours ago

Oh look Klaus from Umbrella Academy

17 hours ago

It makes me so angry that they made an awesome book into a shit movie,

18 hours ago

2 hours of "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesteeeeeeeeeeer" = 1000 sins

19 hours ago

"Logan Lehrman"

20 hours ago

I did not enjoy the movie quite much. There was so ridiculously much happening at once on screen that it sometimes was hard where to focus at. But at the same time it felt so pointless.

21 hours ago

YES Tank you CinemaSins I hate this movie  mortal engines WE NEED TO TALK

21 hours ago

The buildings on these gigantic transports would experiences severe earthquake 24/7.

21 hours ago

Dude, Shrike was the best part of this movie.
Hell, there's no movie I can think about that wouldn't be made better by having Shrike as a part of the main cast.

22 hours ago

12:48 *star wars reference

22 hours ago

Why the thumbnail be looking like Buck from Captain America:Winter soldier

23 hours ago

6:41 ~

23 hours ago

Good book....

23 hours ago