Working Weird Craigslist Jobs to Earn $965 for New York City Rent

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Published: 1 week ago
VICE's Will Tilghman tries to make his monthly rent of $965 by working weird jobs posted on the gigs section of New York Craigslist. After staging a photoshoot for a restaurant, screening a bad horror movie, trying a new deodorant, writing a bio for a nice mom, handing out newspapers, doing a timely impersonation of Lord Varys from “Game of Thrones”, and more, Will goes deep into the world of Craigslist to see if he can actually pay his rent by doing odd-jobs.

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comment  Comments


2 hours ago

Damn I found a house in Texas 4 rooms 2 bath for 700 a month

2 hours ago

If you just wrangled some snakes you would've reached the goal in like three days

4 hours ago

Imagine graduating from college just to struggle paying your rent

6 hours ago

The guy in the thumbnail looks like the ancient one

7 hours ago

Damn dude.. you’re def an entrepreneur!

9 hours ago

wow $605 that's monthly rent of my apartment 😮

10 hours ago

was the scary movie, scary?

10 hours ago

and he's still alive? amazing

10 hours ago

this guy is how i thought macaulay culkin was going to turn out

10 hours ago

I need to know something. How was the horror film?

14 hours ago

Bro he looks like Daniel Radcliff in that Nazi movie

16 hours ago

I really wanted him to succeed :(

17 hours ago

I live in jersey Channel Islands where I pay £1,450 sterling pounds for a small 2 bedroom flat ..born into poverty but living on a millionaires island ... what am I supposed to do leave my island but I feel for you still it’s hard when your rents almost your whole wage ...

19 hours ago

Looks like the ancient one not gonna lie

20 hours ago

$965 rent? Jeesus

1 day ago

4:41 clear signs of a man who has never delivered papers before, that's a sure-fire way to rip them allllll

1 day ago

With the profit from this vid you will make the money

1 day ago

This mfs rent is paying less for a three bedroom apartment in NYC than I'm paying for a one bedroom in rural Texas wtf

1 day ago

for your shit, you raise taxes all that's gonna happen is the more replaceable people (you) lose their jobs

1 day ago

He looks like the ancient one

1 day ago

I bet this income was reported to gov and taxed to make the correct number. :P

1 day ago

you can make so much doing sex work lol

1 day ago

Why impose that limit of only one-time gigs? I've relied on Craigslist for gigs and jobs many times in the past and it's come through for me in one way or another. I got fired on a Tuesday but was working by that Thursday thanks to Craigslist.

1 day ago

If your rent is that bad, move out of the city 😂

1 day ago

If somebody actually done this for a living, they would have a lot of weird storys to tell their grandchildren.

1 day ago

I'm so happy taji is on here hes the boyyy

1 day ago

Prostitution would got you paid in two days!

1 day ago

cool count me in on this man.. lol I'm a starving artest MY self here..😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎😎😎

1 day ago

I would love to see him try this again in the future! He was super entertaining!

1 day ago