Find Lost Spraycans ALL 5 Locations - Fortnite (Spray & Pray) Challenge

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Published: 2 weeks ago
This is a Prestige challenge so you won't see it until you've completed enough challenges :)

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thank you i have completed spray and pray challenges like if you have

46 minutes ago

And you forgot about Shifty shafts

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

No hahahha

3 hours ago

There is also one at shifty shafts

4 hours ago

It helped me so much

6 hours ago

thanks this helped alot

7 hours ago

You helped me with the birthday cakes hope this helos

9 hours ago

I found an extra at fatal fields northern like if this one helped u before u watched

10 hours ago

And shifty what

14 hours ago

There is another in shifty in the main mine that’s blocked off

1 day ago

Where the strem starts by fatal fealds

1 day ago

You missed one

1 day ago

Tomato lmao

1 day ago

There’s another spray by the bottom of Viking waterfall near the big tree

1 day ago

Y don’t you play with Nerd 3 anymore?

1 day ago

Thank you 😊

1 day ago

what mode do you go on to find them? (eg. creative, playground, solo etc).

1 day ago

@Diponkar Das thank you! ive found 2. it's hard bc the storm gets me before I find it 😆

1 day ago

You find them in team rumble solo duos trio squads and I think ltms

1 day ago

don't lisen to him he 5th is in shifty shafts

1 day ago

there is also one in fatal in a "cave" where there is a chest spawn

1 day ago

Halo every body 🤗

1 day ago


1 day ago

Love you

1 day ago

Thank u

1 day ago

Anyone else trying to do this but getting a dog crap bus drop like if you are

1 day ago

Thanks you are wth best

2 days ago

Youre such a fucking idiot
Do your fucking job and dont waste my time prick!!!

2 days ago

One under the fatal chest mine

2 days ago

There is also 1 in shifty

2 days ago

I also found an extra one at shifty shafts in the mine some were

Like if helped

2 days ago