Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

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Published: 5 months ago
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!

Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.

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Thank you for bringing up the kids who can't get vaccines and are put in danger by these mom-blog anti-vaxxers.

50 minutes ago

I had a severe egg allergy when I was little so I couldn’t get the flu shot and I got sick almost every year until I was eight and an egg free shot was developed. My class mates didn’t get vaccinated most of the time so it spread quickly and I once got so sick when I was really little that I ended up getting a seizure. This is why if you can get vaccinated get vaccinated because some people can’t and they get sick!

1 hour ago

I feel bad for the kids with immunodeficiencies, but at the end of the day Your body your choice.

1 hour ago

You should've been there

3 hours ago

Trained Doctor: Not vaccinating your kids is a bigger risk than vaccinating them.
Internet Mom: Can I speak to your manager?

4 hours ago

The reason that you "don't get" what's anti vaccine about a paediatrician who says that there should be informed consent is because you may not have noticed the polarisation of the issue. Anyone who is not 100% pro vaccine is labeled anti vax.
Informed consent ... Anti Vax!
Delayed vaccine schedule ... Anti Vax!
Modified vaccine schedule ... Anti Vax!
concerned about medical conscription ... Anti Vax!

Anyone that thinks about or remotely questions 100% vaccine safety and 100% vaccine effectiveness is labeled ... Anti Vax!

That's the tone that has been set by the CDC, law makers, and more importantly by the press.

6 hours ago

My relative X died from a car crash so I should never drive again.... This is the same reasoning they are using for anti vaccine....

14 hours ago

Spoilers, the vaccine caused the car crash! (*sarcasm*)

11 hours ago

Arthritis just kinda happens your antibodies attacking your joints anyone can get it ,

16 hours ago

I wish I could act like you to these people. I just show them House's scene about baby coffins.

18 hours ago

Dont vaccine. Causes autism and other mental problems. Disagree and ill prove you wrong

18 hours ago

@Miguel Sanchez ok its a long one. I have 4 cousins who live together and grew up being shitty kids. 2 of them had vaccines and the others didnt. The two who did turned autistic and the other had social problems while the ones without vaccines went to college. I have another set of cousins who grew up in a different house. One sister never had her vaccines and went to college but the two little brothers and sister did and one became really skinny and autistic while the others had social problems. It's not that they were born this way because the cousins used to be smart. The skinny one might have been socially awkward but not skinny. Somethings up wether its an agenda or not my family discussed this and the next generation hasnt been vaccinated. They are doing just fine and growing healthy. My cousisn who never had their shots never been sick and they are adults now and been here since they were 1 and 2 years old. They eat mcdonalds and other junk food daily and have no prolbems. Theres something with the vaccines that are making the kids physically weaker and dumber. Why else would they try and make it okay for autistic people to work. If its not autism then its homosexuality. They want to dumb us down so that they can control us. Simple if you really open you're mind and think that these are posabilities especially with the way things are going nowadays. I love america and i will die for America but why would anybody do this to their people. Its inhumane just like they want to deport families back to where they came from although knowing they are could become homeless once they arrive. Thank god my parents never vaccinated me.y family knows a local doctor personally and even his daughter doesnt have vaccines.

8 hours ago

I disagree, prove me wrong!

10 hours ago

I actually gave a presentation on this in my cell bio class, I was so nervous about it because I felt like my classmates were going to lash out at me; however, one of my classmates totally agreed with being provax and others too! There were some stuff you said that I even mentioned too lol

19 hours ago

I’m glad I’m vaccinated because I won’t die :). I hope kids that are grown up anti vaccination I hope they grow up fine then get vaccinated. And grow their kids pro vaccine.

20 hours ago

It’s sorta like be anti eating because there’s the risk of choking or food poisoning

1 day ago

It’s so sad that in 2019 there’s an argument against vaccines?!
And doctors have to explain the importance of the vaccines
It’s like...
Are we going back in time?

1 day ago

“Too young”... I developed arthritis by 3rd grade due to a genetic connective tissue syndrome. The things people think are connected to vaccines can happen in unvaccinated people & that is why the things they are blaming the vaccine for cannot be proven to actually be because of the vaccine. Now, if it was something that only happened in vaccinated people, they would have proof. But they don’t.

1 day ago

Glad I'm from México and this anti-vaxx crap hasn't reached us... yet

1 day ago

But..vaccines cause autism tho?

1 day ago

Not even close!

10 hours ago

Smart v dumb
Smart won't admit their wrong
Dumb can't understand their wrong

1 day ago


10 hours ago

id rather have arthritis at 19 than die from polio at the age of 4

1 day ago

Not every country is wealthy and developed, some don’t even have money to get vaccinated. For all the people who live in a modern society, we must help the world by having all of our citizens get vaccinated, suppressing diseases in our territory.

1 day ago

Physicians pro. Vs parents????? No, WRONG.
Correct is: Physicians pro VS Physicians cons.

1 day ago

She developed arthritis and did her “own research” and blames that on a vaccine ? She can’t know that is the reason. I don’t understand that logic....

1 day ago

I had a severe reaction to the MMR when I was a child and ended up in hospital overnight and am still fully vaccinated accepting all vaccines offered to me and will vaccinate my children in the future because having an occasional reaction is better then being dead in my opinion.

2 days ago

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky here is the philosophy no vaccine = no school unless you have autoimmune diseases.

2 days ago

Hey doctor mike I'm going to my first appointment to tharapy soon and I'm VARY anxious, what should I expect and should I get over-the-counter medications for anxiety.

2 days ago

Moms will be like I’m anti vaccine I care and keep my kids safe but let’s them watch YouTube for 4 hours.

2 days ago

I'm up to date with all my vaccinations.
My brother, last I know, is only missing his MMR vaccine due to them refusing to do them as separate vaccinations rather than what became the standard "all in one". The reasoning is his dad had a severe reaction (I can't recall what long-term effects he has from it, nor do I really care), and our mother was afraid of the same happening. Otherwise, he's up to date.
My daughter had a seizure shortly after having her MMR vaccine. Besides a diagnosis of T1 diabetes (hereditary, unfortunately), she is otherwise healthy. And is up to date with all her vaccinations, because thankfully she has been able to receive them.
We get our flu vaccines every year, for several reasons; for her own health, as her main carer I do it for her health, and my partner for his health as well as hers, as well as for the health of my brother in law who has a low immune system.
I will be getting my recommended vaccinations including flu for my pregnancy, and our child will be vaccinated, so long as there are no issues.
Moral of the story: Yes, we have had some negative side effects, personally and within the family. But those are nothing compared to the diseases they are preventing. If your child is able to be vaccinated, get vaccinated. If they're not, promote vaccinations for those who can.

2 days ago

I am a hetro married man with 2 kids, but i think i may have a man crush.

2 days ago

Anti Vaxxers remind one of when I was 4-5,scared of taking vaccines. the only difference here is that I was scared for the needles but these guys are scared for even more stupid reasons

2 days ago

I'm having vaccines against measlesand anti vaxxes are showing up ,GOOGLE WATCHING ME?

2 days ago