TOOL - Pneuma (Audio)

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Published: 4 months ago
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Jambi meets 46 and 2

1 hour ago

Dont even tell me those slow power chords dont still make you smile, even after 98 listens some 5mo later. FFS. I dont know what song to take off my Tool top 10 to replace this with. This song has to be on any life long Tool fans 'greatest hits'

2 hours ago

I seen TOOL tonight in Dallas and they sounded great,I really enjoyed the playlist,they even played a song from OPIATE,,GREAT SHOW!!

2 hours ago

Just got my tickets in the mail for their Aussie tour!! So pumped to hear this live.

3 hours ago

tool is not a band...they are an EXPERIENCE

5 hours ago

All those parts in that specific song are so unique and nearly impossible to cover, I don’t know how many tries they had until they finally recorded that song and the whole album but man, no words left for this masterpiece!

10 hours ago

it's always so sad when the song is over, so repeat button - and so on and so on ...

15 hours ago

Big One! Nice 1.

16 hours ago

i love playing bass drum against tom tom upbeats - just feels like the way the universe moves and weaves inside itself

18 hours ago

When I listen to Tool, my neighbours, my gf, my family, my coworkers, my cat, my dog and my friends in this comment section too !

19 hours ago


20 hours ago

Another masterpiece

21 hours ago

I thank the Gods for Tool

1 day ago

I use to restore 928 Porsche's, and nothing was better than listening to Tool ! My wife was so tired of hearing them play ,that she gave me an alternative. "You stop playing this music or I'm leaving you", I'm going to miss her !!!!!

1 day ago

Just had an eargasm. 👂 💦

1 day ago

A.I.C approved.

1 day ago

The first few times hearing this I wasn't overly impressed. I thought it was very good as is the entire album, but it wasn't one of my favorite tracks. The more I listened to it though, there is something about this thing that grabs you that's hard to explain.

1 day ago

At the show in Las Vegas on the 17th this was the best song of the night. Incredible visuals and sound. Couldn't believe how great they played it.

1 day ago

I'm french, I also speak Tool, realy sign and sound greaty, like

1 day ago

I hear Vicarious, 46& 2 and schism in reverse.

1 day ago

"Fear Inoculum - album 2019 roku, nie do podważenia, najczęściej słuchany przez mnie, uwielbiam!

1 day ago

Driving around Auckland CBD listening to this work of art FULL BLAST getting looks from beautiful ladies ...

2 days ago

After learning to play this by ear, I can finally learn smoke on the water. Wish me luck. You know I'll need it.

2 days ago

I hope ppl get the message

2 days ago

first track ive listened to on the album i know i'm a little l8 lmao

2 days ago

This in my mind when they blast trap shit at school

2 days ago

Neil Paert is gone.....he will be missed. Dany Carey is the up comer! His drums are the runner up!

3 days ago

Second best I ever heard

3 days ago

We are spirit bound to this flesh
We go round one foot nailed down
But bound to reach out and beyond this flesh
Become Pneuma

We are will and wonder
Bound to recall, remember
We are born of one breath, one word
We are all one spark, sun becoming

Child, wake up
Child, release the light
Wake up now
Child, wake up
Child, release the light
Wake up now, child
Bound to this flesh
This guise, this mask
This dream

Wake up..

3 days ago

I legit love every single part of this song...dani tho.....jesus

3 days ago

take out the intro, start the song with the main riff only. also, 9:30 had such a good start but it could've been extended, making it a whole ass section; take out the marimba break with the synth, take out the very end section where the overdrive is turned off. basically 11:20 on.

i can do this with every song (kill ALL the interludes, they're all dumb).

i make this comment because tool has NEVER disappointed me, EVER. even with 10k Days which was my old bottom tier album. i would still take out some things from that one. before that, EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERY ALBUM was perfection.

so. this stings. a lot.

i don't even hear much of maynard's trademark maynardisms here, at all.

3 days ago