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Published: 1 week ago
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7:56 at my school slideshows are projected onto whiteboards all around the school and in both science buildings this meme pops up every 3 minutes or so. Needless to say, I have never been so bored of a meme before in my life

14 minutes ago

Basically 2012 humor

1 hour ago

The first ones a wasp

2 hours ago

I'm evil MORTY

3 hours ago

When da vid 14:20

4 hours ago

My brother has a boss that's so cool but he hates him.
So he told me this:
Brother: I don't like the new boss dude
Co-worker: Dude just accept it
Brother:i like feeling LIKE A BOSS
I told our parents that he destroyed my ds
He got his ass disowned and beat up with a gucci belt xdddd

6 hours ago

like #56,900


7 hours ago

5:26 i just LOVE when the baby speaks! he sounds like a character from payday

7 hours ago

Homer smoked weed once

10 hours ago

I breath wifi

11 hours ago

that first post makes me want to implode

13 hours ago

I went to a sub reddit for boomers and when I saw phone bad book good I proceeded to have the need to die.

17 hours ago

Congrats on 1 mil ily Damien

17 hours ago

Evil morty

18 hours ago

12:24 spassy screen

20 hours ago

6:35 das a bit dumb. I'd just go to the free books and use the wifi from there :)

21 hours ago


1 day ago

LIKED for minecraft

1 day ago

1:06 Ugh, hate when that happends 😕

1 day ago

My dude that's a wasp

1 day ago

You know the drill!

1 day ago

1 and 420 is how long the vid is

1 day ago

These are the types of memes my dad keeps calling me downstairs for

1 day ago

I want to be last morty no homo

1 day ago

1:01 6.9M likes


1 day ago


1 day ago

There is a episode of the Simpsons were homer smokes weed and gets high af

1 day ago

shut up boomer

1 day ago

999k subs

1 day ago

I am shocked morty

1 day ago

Homer Simpson did weed in the simsons movie with the big dome

1 day ago