saving minecraft monday w/ DanTDM

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Published: 1 week ago
please dont end up being week 4: part 2 lmao
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tournament starts at 11:51 if yall wanna skip pregame banter

1 week ago

Techno Dan lol

4 hours ago

LXflare jkjcxs

1 day ago

Technoblade thx

4 days ago

Technoblade I i can win a 3 v 1 in bedwars where they were literally all on me and i win you can do this

5 days ago

Don’t judge my name ok my brother made this frick but thx for the help

6 days ago

Technoblade: sees technoblade



6 hours ago

1,000 tnt run winstreqk

12 hours ago

Next mc mondays: shroud joins the game
Techno: Finally a worthy opponent

12 hours ago


14 hours ago

I cant seem to get away from james charles i hate him

17 hours ago

Who else watching at 2 am

17 hours ago

Technoblade : says stuff about his teammate only getting 2 eliminations per hunger games
Junky Janker who got 13 eliminations in the last hunger games : Am I a Joke to you?

19 hours ago

He’s got a case of the mondays

21 hours ago

Where’s this weeks vod?

22 hours ago

dose gamerboy80 do minecraft monday?

1 day ago

😢 we need more vids ☹️ DAILY

1 day ago

Techno and Skeppy would be unstoppable

1 day ago

You should try and team with wildcat

1 day ago

Get em' Get em'. Yeeeeeeeeeeeh

1 day ago

eyy techno I most bless you your videos are the best for hangovers, Love you

1 day ago

I had dan and both on

1 day ago

First he buys a house from MCM money. then he buys spaceX. Then he buys the mars.

1 day ago

Is Tech a year of the pig?

1 day ago

You need to play with Preston

1 day ago

who did you paid for that thumbnail

1 day ago


1 day ago

1:43:59 mMM lOok aT tHat tOxiCitY (This was just after dan lagged out a g a i n)

1 day ago

hold on a secound why is there every week other bugs? why don't they code it once properly so no bugs / people die instantly while spawning will ever happen??? or the guys who got stuck while walking.... lol.-...................

1 day ago

After the hunger games round, he was nearly as dead as his second channel.

2 days ago

Dan sounds like he has social anxiety

2 days ago


2 days ago

dont kill sub peasent

2 days ago

if y’all saw dantdms stream then you can go to history and click/press the video and boom you can rewatch it

2 days ago

Aphmau trying to be noticed by Techno at 1:47

2 days ago