How to Choose Great Friends

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Published: 1582 days
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None of us, including entrepreneurs, can make it without friends. Here are some tips on how to choose great friends.

Friendships go through 3 phases - 1:21

Phase 1: Ages 12-18: Acceptance and Innocence - 1:25

Phase 2: Ages 19-29: Experiment - Mistakes - Finding Yourself - 1:40

Phase 3: Age 30+: Clarity - 1:54

The Evolution of Friendship - 3:21

Three Types of People that Benefit Us - 5:33

Benefits of Hanging Around People Above You - 5:55

Benefits of Hanging Around People the Same Level as You - 8:41

Benefits of Hanging Around People Below you - 9:14

How to Pick and Choose Friends - 10:06

#1: Raise Your Standards - 11:46

Be Selective - 12:06

Find a Friend Who Celebrates Your Victories - 13:52

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