How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield?

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Published: 1 week ago
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Holding up a gun and saying its good for car trips is the most american thing ever

33 minutes ago

When the Zombie Apocalypse begins, I know exactly who's gonna be surviving it.

34 minutes ago

The real mvp is all those poor plastic tables you blow everything off of Loki wonder how many you have bought

35 minutes ago

great intro love the videos
allways great

42 minutes ago

Can a elephant gun break the glass?

1 hour ago

I used to make those windows for a company here in Pennsylvania

2 hours ago

I think he has enough Wepons and Ammo to start his own Militia

2 hours ago

RFB. aka green Suomi M/31

noone? no?

2 hours ago

give them away

3 hours ago

Dude it's a .22Lr. You don't need ear protection

3 hours ago

Hi Matt... As i can remember, it's pretty rare to see bullpups in your channel, I thought
that you didn't like them... And I was wondering why... Or it's because they are way more
expensive than regular ones ?
Anyway, keep making these awesome videos, thanks a lot !!

4 hours ago


4 hours ago

Vide suggestions:
Is the cameraman bulletproof?
Will this tray protect me against a 50 cal?
C4 VS Van.

4 hours ago

This is the man that will arm naruto runner squad at area51 raid

5 hours ago

Matt , I think that you should buy an SA80 the British Army use it and i would love to see you shoot this gun.

5 hours ago

i m just curious who shoots ur videos i want to see ur cameraman who else wants to?

6 hours ago

I wonder if he even bothered to retrieve that hipoint lol

7 hours ago

Now I know how powerful people in fallout new Vegas are since they can shoot the anti material rifle with .50 cal while just shooting it from the hip without laying it on something

7 hours ago

"10 round mags go way too fast." Welcome to Commiefornia.

7 hours ago

That glass is strong as shit. Better gave some big boys if you wanna get through that thing.

9 hours ago

How do scgo avatars shot so fast with the Kell Tech R

9 hours ago

Is he a vet?

9 hours ago

Like! From Zёбра

10 hours ago

The KSG is a great shotgun but I can be a bit finicky. She like to be treated roughly on the pump action no pun intended haha if you pump it back and dont slam that very last bit it woke cycle correctly. Its that last almost 1/4 that if you pump it slow you'll see what I mean. There is bit of resistance on that very last bit that is what makes the shell ejecte... so yeah just watch out for that jaja and I'd like to see how many mini shells can fit into that longer version! ... I fit 25 in my regular size one... keep up the great work !

11 hours ago

Have you thought about buying a pig carcass, to see the effects of gunshots, or how many shots to cut the pig in half

12 hours ago

I was sad before the end that you didn't start with the BMG, not i'm happy

13 hours ago

When you realize the video is monitized

15 hours ago

Can it stop a rpg round oh wait he can't have a rpg and there won't be any thing left

16 hours ago

It’s really easy to crack the first layer but the other layers good luck

16 hours ago

Kel tech sponsoring their shitty guns

16 hours ago