Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

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Published: 1 week ago
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Here it is, the review you’ve all been waiting for… the all-new Toyota Supra! It’s been 17 years since the Mk4 went out of production, so has it been worth the wait? And more importantly, would you still choose the Supra over the competition given it arrives with the same BMW engine as found in the new Z4? Join Mat for his latest review, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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comment  Comments

Looks like a clone z4

14 minutes ago

What exactly did Toyota do aside from slap a new shell on it? I'm so confused by this partnership. Two very different brands and it seems like BMW has done all the heavy lifting 🤔

29 minutes ago

But the McLaren F1 also relied on a BMW engine and also other McLaren's

2 hours ago

I would buy the supra tune the engine since it's 11k cad cheaper

3 hours ago

The Supra will be reliable like any other Toyota. Yes it has BMW engine but Toyota tuned the car to their specifications.

4 hours ago

Being it’s a bmw it’s going to need every bit of that five year warranty !

5 hours ago

Samsung doesnt have android auto either

8 hours ago

If it’s bmw electronics get ready to replace ecus and modules...

9 hours ago

The back of it looks like ass

9 hours ago

This car won't sell. It's ugly, expensive, and doesnt even have manual gearbox.

12 hours ago

This one is going to struggle.. Unless they change the name to Z4 Coupe🤔🤔🤔

13 hours ago

TOYOTA if we wanted a BMW 10 year life cycle engine we would buy a BMW!! Complete fail for the Supra!

Give the next version a TOYOTA ENGINE!!!

13 hours ago

Does it have the 8 speed DCT

14 hours ago

Literally none of the characteristics of a Supra. Though what would I expect from BMW? Of course it doesn't. Really lazy of Toyota to slap a Supra badge on the car. Even more lazy to let another auto manufacturer design their most famous vehicle. Seems like the car itself might turn out to be a fun car, but it's not deserving of the Supra name.

14 hours ago

Ok, so I've waited a long time like everyone to see this car, and after seeing and hearing everything in this video and others I can honestly say I don't like it. Some things just don't mesh right. It's hard to put into words. It might be a good sports car, but the design is weird, inside and out. That combination of BWM buttons and Toyota interior just isn't there for me. Nothing about it is inspiring, or nice to look at, except for the letters Supra on the back. It's like a soulless car. Nothing that hypes or excites. All the excitement and hype was created by the media and the secrecy. But when I look at the finished product, there's just no feel to it. :( And Iove Toyota. I'm a proud owner of a 4Runner TRDpro. In the market for a sports car.

14 hours ago

I also love Toyota myself (and the Supra of course, who doesn't), but this doesn't do it for me either. Everything that excites you about the Supra... this car has none of that. This is probably more exciting for BMW lovers actually, since they will get the benefits of both. But the Supra badge does not belong on this car. I wouldn't be surprised actually if someone took the Toyota badges off the car and replaced them with the BMW badge.

14 hours ago

No American in their mind would buy that car

15 hours ago

German chassis, Japanese body, Italian Brembo brakes, made in Austria .


18 hours ago

It looks like the new mazda miata (MX-5)

18 hours ago

All i see was z4, where is the supra ?

19 hours ago

6.5k red line just like the cars of the 80's .. lower red line yep really exciting. Improvement over the higher revving engines.

19 hours ago

Could you review the Bentley Mulsanne next?

20 hours ago

This is the new Toyota supra z4 TRD long time on road fun toy.

1 day ago

Am i the only one, who thinks it`s waaaay too much BMW?

1 day ago

"I'll. Keep the fire extinguisher cuz all the mechanical parts are BMW." haha

1 day ago

nice review.... loving the new supra;-)

1 day ago

This car should be an all electric vehicle.

1 day ago

16:13 DAAAYMN <3

1 day ago

what an ugly pos

1 day ago

Wait. So this guy is actually a good driver @11:21? Respect for this guy has risen.

1 day ago

I sold my Supra years ago, I waited for a long time for a replacement, they kept showing us the FT1,  then this Abomination. I certainly will not be an owner.

1 day ago