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Published: 6 days ago
AC motors are some of the best motors out there, used in electric cars, drones, etc... I LOVE'EM!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#ACMOTOR #Induction #PermanentMagnet


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Can you take each of the 3 phases output from your generator and run thru a transformer to increase current?

1 hour ago

I absolutely love this channel. I watched back to back for about 4 hours. Educational and funny 😀

3 hours ago

You always make me lol. Your funny and informative.

4 hours ago

hay guy how are finding magnet

4 hours ago


4 hours ago

Funny things, i hate everything my teacher told in electric class. But somehow i like it after watching this channel for a while lol

5 hours ago

Big fan from mars

6 hours ago

Man I love u .you my friend make me laugh

6 hours ago

Very entertaining video and I learned a few “bad” words as well. It’s a win win

6 hours ago

Cool funny and educational me likes :)

7 hours ago

please never stop making videos , they are too good

7 hours ago

James. I've got one for you.

A local barista of mine served up an amazing V60 Burundi for me a while back and gave me two empty glasses and asked me to split between them and taste the difference.
I looked at him like he'd lost his marbles.
I laughed, played along and he said tell me what you think.
I tasted between the two cups and there was a significantly noticeable difference between the two. I poured them with the same amount of liquid and drank interchanging between both.
The cup that was more of a straighter up and down side wall had more body.
The cup that was a lot more flared out at the top tasted lighter, more floral.
Same coffee, same temp, same brew, same same, different taste.

8 hours ago

How is this guy still alive?

9 hours ago

I have been watching some videos where conspiracy theorists show some hidden Nikola Tesla research material that shows that he was successful in creating an anti gravity device. Many you-tubers claim to have achieved this. Can you please bust some anti gravity levitation videos like this one -

12 hours ago

you dont need the aluminum...the magnet falling slowly through the copper pipe is called the LENZ effext

14 hours ago

Why don’t you introduce us, if possible, to a better design for a transformer core, for a challenge.

14 hours ago

4:24 Made in Canada . Really.
WTF ^^

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

3:36 FREE ENERGY! (runs)

18 hours ago

Yay! 17 seconds into the video and he already did something stupid.

I love this man

18 hours ago

What about a smol 3-phase transformer?

19 hours ago

I want to become a student of this person bcz he is invulnerable

19 hours ago

real or fake

19 hours ago

Steam engine is the age of romance!

19 hours ago

Dude 4:07 made my day

20 hours ago

Hey Mehdi, explain this please:
Could be an idea for a video...

20 hours ago


22 hours ago

8:41 that didn't sound like he was saying "slots"

23 hours ago

Increase wire turn or decrease wire gage number of coil. And lite wight rotor and try.

23 hours ago