Everything GREAT About Avengers: Endgame! (Part 1)

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Published: 1 week ago
Endgame! You've all seen it, you all loved it, let's celebrate it! Maybe you'll even see some things you missed. Here's everything right with Avengers: Endgame!

And yes, this is Part 1. Part 2 will be published Friday, Oct 11, 2019

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I love that hulk is like hulk from planets hulk banner and hulk working together to survive

23 minutes ago

No "Chris Hemsworth doesn't even care" line?

Missed opportunity.

34 minutes ago


2 hours ago

my favorite part about living in such an accepting world is this.
that gay dude in the beginning just went right over my head.
my first two times watching that scene i just thought "its gotta be tough trying to move on."
it wasn't until the third time that i realized how controversial a line like that would have been ten or even five years ago. good on us america!

2 hours ago

I've heard so many people say that the LGBT representation is too subtle in this. But isn't that how its supposed to be? Like instead of having a character that checks all the gay stereotype boxes have one that acts just like anyone else but happens to be gay.

3 hours ago

It’s refreshing watching someone who admires what Marvel Studios have done. This is the standard I don’t care what anybody says.

4 hours ago

Loved this movie

4 hours ago

I feel like the part with Thor standing in the doorway after killing Thanos perfectly encapsulates how it feels when you’ve accomplished something you’ve wanted for so long, but once you do it just feels meaningless and empty, like it isn’t worth anything and it doesn’t give you the closure you thought it would. That’s why I found that scene to be one of the saddest moments in the movie for me.

I might be projecting my own issues on to this a bit lol

5 hours ago

Noah Jones No that’s actually a factual assessment of the plot. In cutting Thanos head off, Thor does not bring back those who Thanos destroyed. In fact he completes Thanos mission for him, as now there is no possibility of even interrogating Thanos to learn what they might do to undo what he has done. Thor is staring into the face of penultimate failure. The moment is devastating for him.

3 hours ago

im sad he didnt say more about nats hair. look back to the first avengers and she had red hair. and she talked about the red in her life. in infinity war she died her hair blonde. representing getting the red out of her lecture. but then she let the red grow back out representing shes back to that painful mental state

6 hours ago

missed win: 10:11 sparks beneath the truck due to Prof. Hulk's weight

6 hours ago

I was hoping that he would make this comment: 9:37.

8 hours ago

The reason why Marvel is better than DC is the villains and characters are more in depth. You can see Thanos’ point of view, killing half the universe so the other half would strive but you can also see why they would want to kill Thanos, I’m not saying DC doesn’t have good characters, I’m just saying that marvel is better

8 hours ago

tbh it wouldve been cool to see iron man fight himself for the cube

8 hours ago

GuYs We nEeD mOrE LgbTqAIpXlRt cHarActErS..... imagine forcing shit into mainstream instead of letting people just live.

8 hours ago

I did not notice the Pixar A113 easter egg where Professor Hulk is testing the Time Heist quantum suits.

8 hours ago

Still haven’t seen it 😂

9 hours ago

Actually dude the opening title music has half as many instruments in the ensemble.... Coz.... Yanno

9 hours ago

missed “I’m on my way down to coordinate search and rescue.”

12 hours ago

Your sexuality does not matter when it comes to acting.
Make it convincing that is what it is about.
I am really annoyed by this "ideal" that even further sets the focus away from acting and character writing.

Arguments like this are the reason why we get characters who always need to point out they are gay.
Imagine a straight character doing that.

Now you know how ridicioulus it is.
This scene in endgame was totally fine since it focuses on the emotional aftermath of the snap.
That this character happens to be gay becomes secondary while we can more relate to the trauma.

That is the best way to fight homophobia.

12 hours ago

0:48 I didn't even notice it until now 😲

12 hours ago

Anyone else catch the Bright Burn pun at 9:34?

14 hours ago

9:50 “wonder if that we’ll work on anyone else in the future?”


15 hours ago

i lost it at the Goop composter... ROFLOLOLOLOLOL.....

16 hours ago

6:15 as a cosmetologist the first thing I noticed was black widow's red roots, it was a good way to let people know time had passed.

16 hours ago

At 9:37 is that really the child actor from Brightburn or just looks like him?

18 hours ago

Captain America is the person who first comforts Wicca of the Young Avengers who is openly gay, and in love with Hulkling another Young Avenger, when it looks like Hulkling had to leave the Earth. Spoiler alert, Hulkling doesn't Really leave the Earth.

19 hours ago

10:48 technically you can see thors abs because he only has visceral* fat. that type of fat is often a result of alcoholism (e.g. beerbelly)

19 hours ago

Caught the "..bright..burning sensation" !

20 hours ago

finally!! so happy you posted the endgame videos <3

21 hours ago

also love tiny guy being tiny

20 hours ago

I have to say, when the Avengers title card flashes, they only used half of the orchestra from the previous film. It does sound triumphant, but fits into the Infinity War narrative of wiping out half of humanity, and the earlier Marvel graphic of erasing half of the heroes.

22 hours ago