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Published: 2 weeks ago
BEAUTY GURUS MESSIEST MOMENTS(open to live a longer life)

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if ur reading this, comment “jeffree really went off, huh?”


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click here for part 2 😋

1 week ago


Jaclyn Hill: I hate when she over uses the work Morphe. Like WE GET IT. YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY MORPHE IN EVERY FUCKING SENTENCE. Also we don’t give a shit that you’re their first affiliate.

Laura Lee: Irrelevant. Never liked her. Also her apology video? Trash.

Manny: I used to stan then he got annoying. Like. Fast.

James: I’m over the whole James situation and I’m going to re-sub when he has his shit together. You’re doing great sweetie!

Jeffrey: STAN


12 minutes ago

the SECOND i saw the title "James singing" i quickly skipped past. i aint hurting myself like that lmao

1 hour ago

wait hold up
am i the only one that forgot about jaclyn hill

2 hours ago

james literally talks so fast

sister slow the FUCK DOWN

3 hours ago

Is Laura lee white , I’m just curious?

5 hours ago

i just realized there’s no black beauty gurus that are as successful as the ones mentioned in that video.

8 hours ago

I like how he said he was never going to do these types of videos yet here we are today😂 lmao sweetie

10 hours ago

Part 2 please

12 hours ago

what’s the outro song

12 hours ago

how you gonna “cancel” all those people but praise jeffree star of all people 💀

12 hours ago

Bored now

14 hours ago

Nikita’s tweets aren’t problematic, they were just funny😂

17 hours ago

all of them are so disgusting, horrible human beings

19 hours ago

Beauty Gurus are like the mean popular girls in high school and each one of them have an audience that help them cancel the other popular girl so they can reach to the top.

19 hours ago

Isn't Laura Lee like Hispanic or Blasian? (Black and Asian)

19 hours ago

Laure lee crying : dats me when my parents take my phone and tell them why i need it back 🤣🤣

20 hours ago

leave your unproblematic fave in the replies

23 hours ago

Jeffrey really went off, huh hahaha

1 day ago

Part two

1 day ago


1 day ago

In conclusion, stan Bretman

1 day ago

Why does everyone care so much for this dumb shit

1 day ago

Why do beauty gurus always say something racist-

1 day ago

james can’t sing

1 day ago

Isnt laura lee black?

1 day ago

To be honest, I think James is a better singer than anyone who hates on him. I mean, if you’re better than him, you can give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, but don’t flat out hate on someone for their singing ability.

1 day ago

i'm not a fan of james but hey his singing isn't that bad

1 day ago

Sadly jefree is now just as bad as laura and manny

1 day ago

The fact that laura doesn’t know grammar makes it worse. #yourwelcome ?? Nah honey it’s “you’re”

1 day ago