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Published: 2 weeks ago
Hey Guys,

So Jaclyn Hill just came out with nude lipsticks as her first products in her Jaclyn Cosmetics brand. Watch to see what I thought of them.

Have you tried her lipsticks yet?! If so what did you think of them?

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Why is she so gorgeous!??!

1 hour ago

She done blew the mold off, I’m scalped

4 hours ago

Funny how you’re downplaying all the problems with this lipstick line.
‘my lips hurt’
‘Scratchy just little scratchy’ she said this multiples times for different shades but ‘Just little scratchy not as scratchy as the others ’
‘Oh that hurt’
‘What is that’ hmm Nyma its metal pieces that’s are ‘scratching’ you.

I don’t know how you are promoting this line in positive light to your subscribers. You clear heard and see the shit that went on before you made this video. Hold on lemme blow these ‘fuzzies’ like they’re just gonna blow away lmfao

5 hours ago

Clearly she thought ppl were kidding when they said the lipsticks were bad and is she just gonna ignore the hairs too

6 hours ago

‘ow... why r u a scratchy one’ oof we do not want to hear that

7 hours ago

Hope you know they found hair and metal and glass and rat fur and mole that's nasty you putting it on your mouth

9 hours ago

I am confused as to why you would continue to use products which quite obviously had no quality control done....

9 hours ago

Can we get a skin care routine? Ur skin is like butta

12 hours ago

To me i have seen lipsticks like that so i don't blame Jaclyn

13 hours ago

Love the positivity and constructive criticism!! First classy review of them I’ve seen!!

14 hours ago

Is it me or after the texture she felt the first few time from the lipsticks started making her lip bleed like i seriously kept lookin at her lips because it looked like she was starting to bleed

15 hours ago

Yeah-yeah, OK, but how do they smell?!

15 hours ago

Don't wear makeup but subscribed. Black Girl Magic

16 hours ago

Really appreciated you having an open mind when reviewing her brand when everyone has been so quick to be so negative. You were honest without being rude and it made the review seem so much more honest and truthful. Thank you!!!

17 hours ago

Out of the 20 lipsticks only 8 look good on darker skin tones 💀💀💀

18 hours ago

you make me feel more comfortable in my skin

18 hours ago

The professionalism...

19 hours ago

“Powdered donut, powdered donut..” 😂😂😂

19 hours ago

I find the contrast between the palm of her hands and her dark skin very fascinating :) i've never really seen people with such rich skin, but then again i live in southeast asia so most people here are quite fair ^-^ ♡

And i really like the first lip shade, so much contrast it reminds me of aesthetic art portraits >.<

19 hours ago

They now found mould in the lipsticks

20 hours ago

C'mon camera quality! I'm the palest bitch ever but you're genuinely one of the most entertaining beauty influencers out there!

20 hours ago

she still handles it without thinking what ppl would literally say bout the lipstick. kinda respect her for that but i do hope everything is okay 😅

20 hours ago

Mould and yeast was found in control freak lid cap. And metal shards.... praying for u

21 hours ago

I really don’t comment on videos all that much, but I have to say that I love your camera. Probably the best quality that I have seen in a while 📷

1 day ago

ok but 8:58 was a look

1 day ago

Girl, I hope the lipsticks didn't give you any reaction or anything, especially since you tried all of them.

1 day ago

the fuzzies on badass dead ass killed me

1 day ago

You have the most precious lips ever! But i cringe knowing you are trying products that scratch your lips and are weird. I already have such a bad impression of them D:

1 day ago

Can anyone do a scratchy count? Lol xD

1 day ago

Woman, this camera quality is GOOD! What are you filming on?

1 day ago