Ranking All Kage from Weakest to Strongest

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Published: 1 week ago
In this video, we go over the powers of all Kage from Naruto Shippuden (Hokage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, Kazekage Raikage) and determine just where they'd stack up against eachother. Who is the strongest kage? Who is the weakest?

(Includes Prime 3rd Hokage Hiruzen VS 1 Hokage Hashirama, Sage 4th Hokage Minato etc, and Edo feats such as 2nd Hokage Tobirama's Tandem Paper Bombs, 6th Hokage Kakashi was not included)

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If you're interested, here's how Hokage Naruto stacks up against all the other Hokage (Including Kakashi) :


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1 like on the video = 1 respect for Onoki the GOAT
(Also no Kakashi in the video sorry guys, maybe he'll get his own video?)

Most of the comments I'm getting can be answered in my Minato and Hiruzen videos, but I'll answer some more particular ones:

Also since I know a lot of these are going to come up, in the original raws for the Naruto manga, Tobirama says Minato has better body flicker (movement) speed, not teleportation. That raw scan is in the Minato video in the description if you're interested.

Kakashi LOW and Part 1 Kabuto comparing to Tsunade was only for BASE Tsunade, I thought I made that pretty clear..

Me bringing up the Light Fang is not referring to Naruto evading it, it was simply a declaration of things being light speed in general late in the show to show the power cliff, once again, pretty clear. I talk about speed in better detail in Ichigo VS The Akatsuki if you really want to talk about feats, this is just raw power scaling, not so much feat calcs.

"Where is Naruto?!?!?!?!" Shippuden only, Kakashi was taken out because I'm considering giving him his own video

Prime Hiruzen (Who is the version we are using in this video not old hiruzen) is a preponderance and Narrative argument, the only counters are arguments from incredulity vs opinions from many Shinobi and the Databooks, which is faulty reasoning. He's just too unknown to disagree with these statements, just like it's silly to disagree with 3rd Kazekage > Shamon / Rasa because we don't know much about him.

The 3rd Raikage VS 4th Raikage argument was pretty well solidified, and the 4th Raikage used to fight next to the 3rd even when he was younger and was a massive support.

Minato is above the 3rd Raikage due to have having higher reaction speed and hax as well as the ability to seal things under 9 tails tier in strength with Uzumaki seals (Doesn't need the Reaper Death Seal in the words of Kushina) he also threatened Ay who was stronger than a Perfect 8 Tails Jinchuuriki with a Kunai and used the same lightning armor as the 3rd. The teleportation, seal, gg, strategy is all he needs though. It should noted that since we are considering Edo Abilities for Tobirama the same could be granted for Minato, so Minato is Sage Mode / KCM if you really disagree with Base Minato's placing anyway.

After looking into it, Gengetsu and Mu do state they beat eachother in the manga, so my ranking is perfectly fine. I was more so worried because I kept projecting in my head that the statement was from Storm, apologies. (Doesn't change anything other than make the ranking more valid)

(The flashback was actually Itachi's that causes confusion, which makes the claim that they're equal even more redundant)

1 week ago

Wasn't the flashback hashirama's? He was telling sasuke about madara and him so obviously it's not itachi.

6 hours ago

I have never even watched any of Naruto. I just watched and clicked "like", because it's SethTheProgrammer! Been a fan since the "The Problem with Kefla" video!

18 hours ago

Gengetsu > Mu. The only way for them to have died together is if Mu was trapped in genjutsu and used Particle Style to destroy everything, including himself, around him.

Edit: Hash > 3rd. Nothing the 3rd has can counter his Sage Mode. The 3rd can't even take down Susanoo or the Kyubi. Both were stomped by hashi.

1 day ago

And Naruto???

1 day ago

I´m a dislike ur video but i´ll subscribe and turn on that bell.

2 days ago


40 minutes ago

Tsunade smashes Gaara.

42 minutes ago

Minato the fast thot slayer of the hidden leaf

46 minutes ago

I understand having the featless be ranked last so that should stay. But its straight up laughable to rank Tsunade that high.

50 minutes ago

It's irrelevant but did Kakashi know naruto before naruto was born?

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Hiruzen over minato. Oof.

2 hours ago

...but what did that do though...

2 hours ago

I don't get why people get mad about this types of videos like what do you expect you're literally asking for someone opinion so it doesn't mean its right or wrong!!

2 hours ago

To be honest i must disagree on some points, buuut you bought me with 3rd and 4th raikage, was going to complain but you do have a point so have a like from me

3 hours ago

Kakashi at his best form meaning six paths chakra and perfect susanoo would be #2 behind Naruto pretty sure

4 hours ago

#3 maybe. I don’t think he could beat Sage Mode Hashirama with the Shinsusenju.

3 hours ago

Makes sense...job well done!!!!🤙🏼

4 hours ago

I think the reason Tobirama should be higher is that he created so many strong jutsu.

5 hours ago

How about naruto

5 hours ago

Didn’t you and Swagkage both agree that the 3rd Raikage was “superior” than the 4th in the Obito vs 5 Kate video? Now here the 4th is the stronger one? Inconsistent but opinion is subject to change I guess. Also stop down playing Tobirama lol. He’s easily Top 5.

5 hours ago

Hiruzen actually is the strongest Kage and God of all Shinobi.

5 hours ago

Yeah but where’s Naruto tho

5 hours ago

Why you didn't tell about Naruto Uzumaki

7 hours ago

Seth the fingerbanger

7 hours ago

So I guess we’re just gonna pretend that Kakashi was NOT hokage by the end of Naruto... forget Boruto

7 hours ago

wheres naruto

7 hours ago

The only thing I disagree with is hiruzen above minato and like half the list lol hiruzen is fodder not event top ten strongest kage not event close

7 hours ago

You forgot Naruto tho

8 hours ago

bruh *Ohnoki

8 hours ago

Saru above Minato?

8 hours ago

Bruh where's Kakashi and Naruto?

8 hours ago

I know seven deadly sins has only 3 seasons so far but can u do videos about it and can u also do fairy tail I’d much appreciate chief btw love the vids u always be destroying the normies

9 hours ago

Hashirama is number one since he can fight climate change

9 hours ago

Wonder where the YOSHIkage fits in with his stando powah jutsu?

9 hours ago