You've Done IT In Public?! | Fakin' It ft. Boze

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Published: 1 week ago
It's time for your favorite Jackbox game of Deception!

#jkparty #example

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🎲 Game Rules ♟

The Faker must blend in with the rest of the players and pretend to know what's going on.

The players must figure out who is the Faker before the time is up!

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4 days ago

julia breathing hard ._.

5 days ago

How do you get this game?? Help!

6 days ago

Julia hates Harry Potter? No way. That’s a lieeee lol

6 days ago

Sometimes I feel Julia is the female version of josh

1 week ago

More of this game

1 week ago

Josh, "Oj Simpson, he ran around a circle, like the bases" lmao.

1 week ago

I freaking love this game.

1 week ago

100 Player Mafia V.3

Team Clivians

30 Clivians

5 Cops
(They all select someone together on who they think is the Mafia, Side Town)

5 Nurses
(They all select someone to save together, Side Town)

5 Mayors
(Thier votes are counted as double votes and If all killed Mafia Wins, Side Town)

4 Vigiliantes
(All can kill someone each every night but all must kill someone each every two rounds, Side Town)

4 Hunters
(If Killed or voted out they can kill someone when they die, Side Town)

3 Cupids
(All must select two players each and make them a couple within the first 3 rounds if one dies both dies, Side Town)

2 Influencers
(the ability to check if anyone has a special role, And if choosen during the night time to be killed by Mafia (the moderater puts their hand on their shoulder to inform that they about to be killed), he/she can exchange information that they have of on who's got a special role in the game to Mafia so they are spared and joins Mafia if Mafia accepts the deal to exchange information(if they join, Mafia targets someone else to be killed), if not accepted or he/she has nothing to offer, he/she gets killed by mafia like originally intended, (depends)Side Town/Mafia)

1 Undercover Cop
(Undercover in the Mafia and can reveal the information at anytime, Side Town)

1 Virgin
(If voted to die, stops night phase for Mafia Side Only, Side Town)

Team Mafia

20 Mafia

5 Godfathers
(if checked by cops will appear as a Clivian and If all killed Town Wins, Side Mafia)

4 Assassins
(All kill someone each during night time, Side Mafia)

3 Mademen
(To convent one person each within the first 6 rounds, Side Mafia)

3 Moles
(Can check to find out who's the cop,
Side Mafia)

2 Fall Guys
(If he/she voted to die, they stop the night phase for the town side only, Side Mafia)

2 Henchmen
(If voted out they can kill someone when they are dying, Side Mafia)

1 Escape Goat
(If a Godfather is choosed to be killed or they are voted out, only once a Godfather can swap the Godfather role before his death and become the Escape Goat (note: when they do die, they say that their the Escape Goat and after that has happened the person who had the Escape Goat role before the switch is now the new Godfather),
Side Mafia)

Max Possible Mafia 45 to 55 Team Town
40 Min Mafia to 60 Team Town

Max Kills Possible is 20 in one round
Regular/typical death count in one round is 5 or 9 depending if it's a even number night

Quickest Game for Mafia Win is 1 round;
The 4 Assassins kill 4 Mayors and Mafia kill 1 Mayor
or They Kill 20 players in one round cause the numbers would equal each other 40/40.

Quickest Game for Town is 1 round;
The 4 Vigiliantes kill 4 Godfathers and Town vote out 1 Godfather

Longest Game For either side with no saves
is 15 Rounds

Please JK Party!! Please 🙏🙏🙏
the more the merrier
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
And Keep Up the Great Work.
PS if you do it please do it on either Halloween (so Steve can wear the Helmet again😂😂, also please do a stereotype Halloween Mafia like Joe said cause that would be hilarious😂😂) or Christmas.

1 week ago

Loooooove JKP!! Just a suggestion for the budget, maybe some couches that don’t have arms. Easy to fit party people and can accommodate Joe and his jumpy antics 🤣🤣😎

1 week ago

Tiff was the Faker!!!!

1 week ago

FAKIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

LOL You've Done IT In Public?!

1 week ago


1 week ago

Hell yeah, Fakin' It was the game that introduced me to your channel, and now you're finally doing it again! I've been waiting for this for so long, MORE

1 week ago

First round was so obvious. Idk how they didn’t get it right ... lol

1 week ago

Waiting for boze name to Come under ‘follow cast n crew’

1 week ago

JOSH AND JULIA are a match they just don't know it yet

1 week ago

I really love this game

1 week ago

why did none of them know what the NFC West is lol. I guess none of them know anything about the NFL.

1 week ago

YES FINALLY!!!! Been wanting more of this game since Sony The Hedgehog 🤣🤣🤣

1 week ago

Does anyone know how to find this game in App Store ?

1 week ago

YUS Love the game play for longer and get bigger seats lol

1 week ago

How do you play this at home? I've tried to find the app and I can't

1 week ago

+Vanessa Smith oooh. Ok that explains a lot. Thanks for letting me know

1 week ago

You buy it on steam or a console (ps4, Xbox ect) and then play it off of your phone on your internet browser. It’s not an app you and get on your phone

1 week ago


1 week ago

Tiff if you’re reading comments say hi pleasee

1 week ago

I love these jackbox games! please keep playing these games!!

1 week ago

the vigilante part "But i am editing this video " so true:-)

1 week ago

Oh hell yeah! This is basically Christmas! JK Party, this game & Boze?!!! Yeah boy!!!

1 week ago

BOZEEEEEE ♥️♥️♥️♥️

1 week ago