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Published: 3 years ago
It's time to break some recs! (records)
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Which song ? Undefeated? Name please

54 minutes ago


1 hour ago

6:17 over exited, bad manner

2 hours ago

who else feels bad for the certificate giver guy

2 hours ago

Yup( i love you guys wen I’m bord

4 hours ago

anyone sept 2020?

5 hours ago

Vocês são muitos bons

5 hours ago

World record who’s got most world record in one day

5 hours ago

Plot twist:The court is a paid actor

6 hours ago

Its like midorima

6 hours ago

Easy, none

10 hours ago

But why they are not famous

11 hours ago

World record for most world record

12 hours ago

-Great job ! Here's your certificate Try to handshake

Dude Perfect

12 hours ago

best videos ever

14 hours ago

I subscribed

15 hours ago

There doing shots that aren't real

16 hours ago

How did they do ?

17 hours ago

Ставь лайк если русский)

18 hours ago


18 hours ago

Zijn jullie nederlands

19 hours ago

I swear Ty is always on ice in the videos

20 hours ago

2050: shoot basket ball from the moon
1,002,050: Shoot basket ball from the edge of the universe

20 hours ago


21 hours ago

wait a minute i just shaw the longest shot basket ball in head is just a edit by premire pro i think

21 hours ago

i think is edit

21 hours ago

i don't know if i'm saying it right

21 hours ago

How Ridiculous broke the Highest Basketball shot world record 👌

21 hours ago

How did theses guys earn hundred thousand dollars thats insane

23 hours ago

Que brisa

23 hours ago

i hope those arent fake ;)

1 day ago

6:54 thought he was gonna jump of the roof.. 😑

1 day ago