Chain Restaurant Steak Taste Test

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Published: 2 weeks ago
We’re about to embark on the ultimate chain restaurant steak showdown and we’ve never been more ready.  GMM #1541
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8 minutes ago

I was REALLY wishing for a Chef Josh series 🖤🖤🖤

1 hour ago

No longhorns?

2 hours ago

I want the steak cooked through. Not red in middle. But thats just my opinion XD

5 hours ago

Applebee's is wack. I've worked their and I can say never order a steak 😂

9 hours ago

Applebees is top 3 & has been for years, don't sleep

9 hours ago

Texas Roadhouse is better. Outbacks quality is very low.

10 hours ago

Outback steakhouse seasoning has no business being anywhere near beef. It's absolutely horrid on steak. If they had half a clue they'd do it right.

12 hours ago

Put in longhorn steakhouse!!! 😃

12 hours ago

How would you rate links accent on a scale of Crocodile Dundee to Ringo Star?

12 hours ago

Longhorns is better than all of these

13 hours ago

As a former employee of T.G.I. Friday’s: the steak is barely even able to be called “steak”

14 hours ago

Texas Roadhouse is a steak place as is Outback. But Outback is only one steak. And Texas Roadhouse you have at least 4 to pick from.

14 hours ago

I wish you also listed the price of each.

15 hours ago

“It’s salty in a good way”

15 hours ago

Rhett is in Links chair

16 hours ago

Longhorn all the way

17 hours ago

Link is not funny.

18 hours ago

the intro makes me feel like you're trying to lure me into a cult.

18 hours ago

Boo, no Saltgrass steakhouse review

21 hours ago

Fame has gone to both of your heads, overacting, dramatization, i guess weirdness sells right?

22 hours ago

All of these steaks were depressing and looked shite lol

23 hours ago

You are missing the best LONGHORN! 😂

23 hours ago

They all look disgusting and I don´t like you guys.

23 hours ago

They all look so dry

1 day ago

Eating cold steak is so reliable...

1 day ago

Don't go to waffle house for steak

1 day ago

Outback Steakhouse & Texas Roadhouse are owned by the same corporation as LongHorn Steakhouse

1 day ago

No thanks. I like my beef cooked.

1 day ago

What about longhorn? Or logans?

1 day ago