Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

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Published: 1 week ago
Hi Beautiful! I probably should find watching people going to the lowest rated hair salons as much as I do. But it amazes me some of the things these hairdressers do to people! Like whattttt?!




Dave x Kaysha video ▷

Princess Monet video ▷





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Brad: I don’t know how people sit there and record people while they do their hair

Also Brad: If you’re going to ruin your hair please record it, otherwise what’s the point 😂

4 minutes ago

I mean you get what you paid for.

30 minutes ago

8:26 - 9:12 I had no freaking idea what he was saying

2 hours ago

I would literally die if I ever get a makeover by you my godd hahaha

3 hours ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even a vsco girl:
No one AT ALL:

Brad: DiSgUsTaNg

4 hours ago

I really want a makeover but I’m broke 🥺😂😂💜

6 hours ago

Hey Brad, roast me. I haven't been in a salon since before I was three. I'm a guy btw, and my mom cuts my hair.

7 hours ago

PLEASE react to Jerm Bot’s new video of him dying his hair because he was bored. PLEASE.

7 hours ago

BRADDDDDD!!! I have naturally veryyyyy curly brown hair...VIRGIN HAIR!!! What color should I do?? The length is like to my mid-back!

8 hours ago

Ummm... you look hott as fuck w your hair like that! 🖤💣😍

12 hours ago

“Boom. Penetrated” - Brad Mondo 4:20

14 hours ago

The second girl tell them then! Its your hair girl don't let them do this to you. This was painful to sorry girl

15 hours ago

Brad. Pleeaaase react to Billie Eilish's hair PLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASE

15 hours ago

I really want you to react to naomi jon dying her hair all the time

17 hours ago

0:05 when I’m sleep deprived lol

17 hours ago

Brad I like your other look better but this one feels 90s so I'm down with it

18 hours ago

😂 Every time I go to my stylist I come in knowing every step and she'll ask if I actually understand what I'm saying and requesting. In all honesty I don't but it sounds right.

18 hours ago

Brad always says “hello beautiful “

For once can someone say “hello beautiful “ to him too

We love u so much brad ❤️💕💓💖😍❣️💖❤️😘💞💝

21 hours ago

Brad mondo : hello beautiful
Me : hello

Sister : Hello Ugly

Me : hello oof

21 hours ago

6:56 on repeat lmao

23 hours ago

getting my hair done is so relaxing, i actually really love it

23 hours ago

My 5yo: it looks like a banana in her hair. She should stay away from minions

1 day ago

Hello My name is

1 day ago

I can’t afford anymore hair care products Brad my hair is already curly >:(

1 day ago

no one:
absolutely no one:
brad in the beginning: 👁👅👁

1 day ago

This is the first video I ever watched with you, I 💗 it!!! You're so flipping AWESOME, I love your reactions and totally wanna try your products💖🌼

1 day ago

If you came into my salon with a bad attitude, I would not want to do your hair.👿

1 day ago

we see you backstreet boy 👦🏼

1 day ago

I don't even go to salons my mom goes to this lady all the time for a haircut, and she always and my always cut the hair to short. I only have gone one time and she didn't even give me the right haircut, and it's still too short. I don't mind now, I like the short hair but I still don't have the hair style I want.

1 day ago

Brad You should do a new segment on your channel/Instagram featuring a hairstylist in different states! I would love to see all the talent out there

1 day ago