Funniest GENDER REVEAL Fails !

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Published: 3 weeks ago
Funniest GENDER REVEAL Fails !

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Funniest GENDER REVEAL Fails !





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Kids can be spoiled

But their worst diva moments

when they find the gender of the newborn

10 minutes ago

I laughed at all the box ones

1 hour ago

My sister is prego sauce

3 hours ago

I'm the only girl and I have 3 brothers!and I'm still happy!!!!!😁😄

3 hours ago


4 hours ago

You always hungry

4 hours ago

I wanted a sister and when my mom brought my lil bro home for his first time some hrs passed and i was like: okay can we throw him in the trash now?

I was 6 yrs old...

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

The cupcake boy is me I eat it it is a girl I cry but still eat the cupcake

7 hours ago

This is dumb. If it’s a boy abort it. I’m serious

7 hours ago


7 hours ago

Sooo funny

7 hours ago

If i was there i idc if its a girl or a boy ... cause i dont have any😢

9 hours ago

The first one is so spoyeled I don’t know how to spell good

10 hours ago

I want a sister

10 hours ago

Azzy it was soooo funny

10 hours ago

Todays forecast call for satanic boxes raining from the sky.

11 hours ago

I love boys more den girls
Im a gurl

13 hours ago

Let’s play a game

Girls💗: keep like button even

Boys💙: keep like button odd


14 hours ago

8:28 😂😂😂

15 hours ago

7:33 I know what the colorfull balloons means ....😶

15 hours ago

I love you

15 hours ago

I love you more 🥰🥰

15 hours ago

I really want a girl...but its never gonna come true... :(
My mom has 3 kids:
1. Me
2. Boy
3. Boy

15 hours ago

i want a girl

17 hours ago

At 1 :32 AZZY LOOKS SO ADORABLE❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💞💞

17 hours ago

Azzy I whantdd agirl but I got a boy insted but he is cute

17 hours ago

so funny

19 hours ago


19 hours ago

Hahahahahah in slow motion wan the girl salps her sister in the face is so funny

19 hours ago