The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

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Published: 2 months ago
Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!

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Mike Chen

The Management and Staff of Din Tai Fung, Westfield Century City

Thank you to Ashley Yang and Abby Huang

YB Chang

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comment  Comments

i want some😫😫😫

1 hour ago

Ned’s futures children “dad what was the biggest thing you’ve ever done i have to do it for school”

Ned “Well Wesley i once ate 69 dumplings”

2 hours ago

I love ❤️ dumplings 🥟 and din tai fung now I’m hungry thanks 😑 my favorite is chicken 🐓 I can eat 18 dumplings some rice 🍚, steamed broccoli with garlic and I’m only 10 turning 11

2 hours ago

Eugene= killing the competition
Keith:suffering( not as suffering as Ned)
Zach: doesn’t care whatsoever
Mike:eating with care and also great at eating dumplings
Me:I can’t even eat 10 dumplings😅

3 hours ago

Eugene, mike, Keith and ned: “UGHHHHH!!!!”

Zach: *chillaxin’*

5 hours ago

I could eat the whole thing only if they were prawn dumpling

7 hours ago

Eugene I’ve sorry but your math sucks
You ate 344 dumplings ya idiot box

7 hours ago

I've been recently binge watching mikey chen and i just realized he was the guy in this video!!! COOL

9 hours ago

I LOVE Din Tai Fung!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 hours ago

Am I the only one much would that cost??🤑

13 hours ago

Yummy yummy

14 hours ago

eugene aggressively inhaling dumplings

15 hours ago

Coolabbbbb with Dude perfect

15 hours ago

Y’all sound so much like dude perfect!

15 hours ago

0:16 Keith was staring at the camera

15 hours ago

Eugene Zach and Mike look so calm like they do this daily (for zach it's understandable) and then we have Keith and Ned looking dead

16 hours ago

Watching this makes me wanna get some dumplings

16 hours ago

can i PLEASE have some?

17 hours ago

Exactly one year from now you guys need to redo this with Matt Stonie

17 hours ago

Why do I think Keith’s face in the intro song when he hold the lollipop is hysterical!? In a good way tho

18 hours ago

It would take me 10 min to pick 1 up

18 hours ago

Don’t want to hate but the guy from StrictlyDumpling didn’t finish those two dumplings at 3:52

19 hours ago


19 hours ago

My mom during winter always says “cover your ears or else they’ll fall off”

20 hours ago

Ned sobbing in absolute defeat and fear and Zach singing cheerfully are my last two brain cells

21 hours ago

I didn’t know you get meatsweats from dumplings 🥟

The more you know

21 hours ago

everyone has 40-80 while zach has 20

22 hours ago

Is that Jackie chan

23 hours ago

am I the only person who has NEVER had a dumpling?

1 day ago

You could've fed a village in Sudan but this is neat too

1 day ago