Billie Eilish Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Published: 6 months ago
Billie Eilish goes Sneaker Shopping at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about how Riff Raff's music got her into Jordans, potentially working with Jordan Brand on a shoe, and why she likes men's sneakers.

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What’s a sneaker that’s hard to pull off that you guys like to rock?

6 months ago

@Curserium ™ yeezy

1 month ago

My lightning mcqueen crocs

1 month ago


1 month ago

Complex converse

1 month ago

Af1 mid

2 months ago

Why you all mentioning 14 year olds LMAO?

30 minutes ago

She is so short

50 minutes ago

"i love the things that ppl hate" she must love me then lmao

1 hour ago


6 hours ago

What the f*#k is she wearing

7 hours ago

Billie eilish: every 60 seconds feels like a minute to me
14 year old girls:🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

9 hours ago

I just burned my vans.

9 hours ago

She looks like a fat midget who still listens to falloutboy and panic at the disco every day

10 hours ago

Billie Eilish : Flat shoes? Small dick.
Me : HEY! Looks under my boxers
Me : Well shes kinda right.

11 hours ago

Billie Eilish: "I like my feet a little chunky."

Fan Girls: Mom my feet need to be CHUNKY!!!

15 hours ago

I'd Marry Her In A Heart Beat

17 hours ago

why does billie eilish remind me of flapjackie skin lol

18 hours ago

Sneaking around and tryna not get noticed.

19 hours ago

I’m 14 and this is deep

1 day ago

All of the dislikes for this video are from guys that wear vans 😂

1 day ago

I can relate when I went to buy shoes yesterday I ask for my size and they said they don’t have it I was like alright but inside I was like hello darkness my old friend

1 day ago

Off white hallows are fr the best show out there I bought white blazer mids to try to custom them into just blazer hallows but the off white makes it all

1 day ago

YouTube subtitles: how wrong do you want me to be

YouTube: Yes

1 day ago

5:25 clearly states that billie eilish loves me

1 day ago

the fact that this ain't her real voice

1 day ago

that a lot of f boms she dropped

1 day ago

This is the same outfit that she wore in hot ones lol

1 day ago

What’s the shop name, and where?

1 day ago

Wow rich i use only 7$ shoe

1 day ago

No no no, you must be joking.

1 day ago

She’s just horrible

1 day ago

She’s also tiny and has no fashion sense

1 day ago

Billie eilish read my mind when she said guys that wear vans radiate small Dick energy. Vans are hideous

1 day ago

Billie: I sleep with my eyes closed
14y girls: OMG ME TOOOOO 😭😭😭

1 day ago

Someone watching this wearing vans: 😔

1 day ago