TESTING KARINA GARCIA SLIMES & DIY's | playdough lipstick, eraser slime, flubber | Slimeatory #32

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Published: 1906 days
Hey guys! As requested by a lot of you guys I did this video on testing out Karina's slimes. I thought they were really cool to do and worked pretty good. I liked the eraser slime the most, which one did you guys like the most? The lipstick one is also very cool and it actually works as lipstick!

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I hope you guys enjoy the vid and don't forget to leave some of your awesome suggestions in the comments!

my brother's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMXBAKJ-dtCAjbt2ZgdGjg

Thanks for watching guys, please leave a comment on your suggestion on my next slime!

I Hope to see you on my next video

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