The Try Guys Give Pedicures To Each Other

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Published: 1 week ago
"I've got some goopy toenails!" Watch Keith and Ned learn how to do pedicures and clean up each other's CUTEicles!

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I love Ned&Keith there's just comedy and no drama/worry

1 hour ago

This is so cute! I went to nail school and regret not finishing (I was sooo close!) my specialty was pedicures and also working on children because of my personality and precision/ detail.
I would love it if I had a man and he went through this effort to learn how to do this for me ( although with my experience in the field, I’d probably be the one teaching him😂) ❤️

2 hours ago

We forgot roseeeeee LOL

3 hours ago


4 hours ago

Wiki feet where you at

6 hours ago

I thought I could watch this, but I can't. Gah I hate feet 🙈 sorry guys

9 hours ago

Dan Schneider likes that.

9 hours ago

I both hate and love this episode but doesn’t help for anxiety XD

22 hours ago

They are no longer the try guys

They are the try husbands

1 day ago

4:54 “ who wants some parmesan” 😭😭😂

1 day ago

sam has a foot fetish

1 day ago

I knew it feminine so called men exist.

1 day ago

I would have loved to see Eugene do this!

1 day ago

Keith forsure has a foot fetish. Way too excited to touch Ned’s feet 😂😂 I live for it, even though I hate feet. Don’t know why I watched this entire video lol

1 day ago

I liked it when they tryed women stuff and did the drag stuff. Miss the old days.

1 day ago

Can you guys do a miss jay video like lady like

2 days ago

I almost made it four minutes before I threw up a little in my mouth. Feet ewwwwww.

2 days ago

They are so gay! “We forgot the rosssssssseeeeeeeeeè!!!!”

2 days ago

"I'm going be your pediatrist "

2 days ago

You can tell Keith was a theatre kid

2 days ago

I used to love Keith before someone told me they met him at a bar and that he was super rude and arrogant 💔

2 days ago

VIDEO IDEA: Pedicure Sequel. You two test out your new skills on Ariel and Becky in a Try Wives (and Husbands) Wine Time!!

2 days ago

I don’t like feet 😳 great video though 👍

2 days ago

You think ned’s toe is bad? Try giving a pedicure to a DANCER, Jesus their feet are f*cked up

2 days ago

Bunch of soy boy sorry ass faggets

2 days ago

Eugene and Zach sound do a film series where they talk about everything film related and maybe even review/discuss the latest releases. I was listening to their podcast on patreon and it was so great that I listened to it on repeat lol. Very informative and really interesting.

3 days ago


3 days ago

maybe i shouldn’t be watching this while eating...

3 days ago

Foot fetish people are going through the roof rn 🤣🤣

3 days ago

The bro pedicure thing at the end was the best part

3 days ago