The Try Guys Give Pedicures To Each Other

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Published: 3 months ago
"I've got some goopy toenails!" Watch Keith and Ned learn how to do pedicures and clean up each other's CUTEicles!

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comment  Comments

"What's happening down there?"-Ned 😂😂

1 day ago

"I'm just going to put my fingers through the toes."- Keith

1 day ago

Omg lol you guy's are hilarious! 😂😜 love it

1 day ago

Keith is a size 13....

2 days ago

My feet are almost as big as keiths my feet are a 12 wide

3 days ago

This was actually super fucking gross lmao

6 days ago

Try Guys trying to be the best husbands possible for 11 mins straight

1 week ago

Sam's SO: "Hey, honey, how was your day?"
Sam: "... My bosses made me get a pedicure..."
Me: "Why can't my boss be like that?"

1 week ago

I guess you can say Keith wears men’s size 13 Nike’s

1 week ago

Simply nailogical fans are quaking

1 week ago

I was watching this while drinking a smoothie and I had to click out and come back later😂

1 week ago

It's raining feet!

1 week ago

This is .... So totally different from how I learned to give pedicures and it's so disturbing woah. It's interesting to see how different it can be depending on where you're from!

2 weeks ago

Wtf am I watching 😂😂😂😂😂

2 weeks ago

7:30 I'm just gonna put my fingers between your toes........ wtf😂🤦‍♀️

2 weeks ago

This is Tarantino's favorite video

2 weeks ago

did simply nailogical see this though?

2 weeks ago

There such great husbands I hope I get a great amazing kind caring husband like Ned or Keith

3 weeks ago

Zachs behind the camera laugh rivals andrew siwicki's behind the camera laugh. Believe me that ia the highest compliment one can ever receive on their laugh

3 weeks ago

"Treat wiveselves"
They're so cute. 😂

3 weeks ago

I'm glad Ned and Keith get an opportunity to relax together 💙

3 weeks ago

I love that he said something for me is really something for Ariel

3 weeks ago

Try husbands wine time

3 weeks ago

It didn't take 30 seconds for Ned to mention his wife XD

3 weeks ago

Why do Keith's toes curl like THAT

1 month ago

i hate feet oh my god this is revolting but dammit im supporting them

1 month ago

I swear, if I had money every time Ned mentions his wife, I’d be gosh darned hella rich.

1 month ago

They should have a series where they treat their wives called treat yo wives

1 month ago

what the hell just started to happen???
I want that scene at the fanfiction video, now!

1 month ago

I have been permanently turned away from pedicures, or anyone handling my feet, by my first pedicure experience when they were very unprofessional and made fun of me for having thick calluses and hairy toes. I was not self-conscious about anything Physically, until that day, and from that day I have hated my feet.

Glad the guys had fun tho

1 month ago