Leaving My Boyfriend with ONLY a BREAK UP Letter...

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Published: 2 months ago
Today I got Jack better than I ever have. I explain everything in the video and don't want to ruin anything but OH MY GOSH I FELT SO BAD!! I left him a break up letter saying goodbye and I just can't believe what he said to his friend on the phone. I regretted this from the start BUT Jack and I have some extra cute videos planned so at least it all ended up okay in the end... kind of lol

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leaving my boyfriend with only a break up letter prank on boyfriend to see his reaction him react
leaving my boyfriend with only a break up letter prank on boyfriend to see his reaction him react
leaving my boyfriend with only a break up letter prank on boyfriend to see his reaction him react

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Gabrielle got me so good I damn near threw up 😂😂 I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE. DO NOT PLAY WITH MY NAME. But Gabrielle and I have some nice and cute vids coming up so stay tuned ;) #NOLIMITS

Video idea cred to http://youtubesmov.com/mov/U3ihvqXnsZt/vid.html?

2 months ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

Did u no adi and emily broke up

2 weeks ago

@BipolarPolarBear ;):)

4 weeks ago

I love you guys
you are the best YouTube couple ever

1 month ago

I cried when I heard the letter, knowing it was fake AND I only started watching their videos like 2 days ago. I can't even imagine how Jack must've felt during that 😭😭

5 hours ago

I literally cried I’m not joking I would be so sad if you guys broke up I would piss my pants and cry 😂😖😅😭😓😀😃❤️🔥

7 hours ago

Why is your bed so high

9 hours ago

Good prank

9 hours ago

That’s not even a funny prank

10 hours ago

Loves her so much but he can't capitalize her name in the beginning😂

12 hours ago

This couple is by far my favorite one I've seen.

14 hours ago

16:26 LOL 16:30 Anal? Kinky

16 hours ago

“I’m a loner with a boner”

20 hours ago

She is so mean

1 day ago

A pretty big loner with a pretty big boner ahahhahahahahhaha

1 day ago

Don’t ask but I was just eating Hershey kisses and I rubbed the rapper and the chocolate on the phone and I wasent touching the phone and it moved the screen and I was like woah 😂

1 day ago

So freaking cute!!!

1 day ago

Why didnt he think that was a prank???

1 day ago

I was genuinely, genuinely sad and felt bad for Jack.

1 day ago

That letter though 😭😭💔💔

2 days ago

That hug when he realized she was just pranking him, damn I felt that 💯

2 days ago

She just said give him attention hes gunna get that sucky sucky

2 days ago

OH My God, I felt so bad about this video, !!!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

2 days ago

This made me cry oh wow

2 days ago

Omg I stared to cry lol

2 days ago

“I’m gonna be a loner with a boner”

2 days ago

I'm crying. I can't take this break up letter 😓❤

2 days ago

why do you do this to yourselves..

2 days ago

shit that hurt me

2 days ago

Wish i had something this special

2 days ago

Guy pranks girls: "Hiding my girlfriend's phone for 24 hours!"

Girl pranks guy: "Destroying my boyfriend's soul and cutting off his nuts PRANK!"

3 days ago

She better have given you some sloppy head after.

3 days ago

he makes jokes in a way to cope with his emotions, haram, you can tell he was extremely genuine.

3 days ago