TWIN HACKERS? I Disguise as Hacker PZ9 & Regina Pretends to be PZ2 Undercover - Life Swap Challenge

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Published: 1 week ago

After Chad Wild Clay made NAME REVEAL of HACKER PZ9? CWC & Regina Create a YouTubers Game to Learn the Hacker's Identity, Vy Qwaint created WE TRICKED PZ9 to REVEAL HIS NAME & IDENTITY - Vy & Daniel Undercover in Disguise Spy Gadgets Vlog and Daniel uploaded PZ9 is ANGRY at ME over NAME REVEAL - REGINA & DANIEL Spying on Hacker for 24 Hour Challenge on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, We have found out PZ9's name! At first, we thought it was Marlin, but after confronting the ex project zorgo member, we discovered that we were wrong! We had to meet up with the rest of the spy ninjas back at the safe house to find out what PZ9's actual name is. We need to know this so we can stop him from telling Project Zorgo the location of our home base. He learned they are revealing more secrets during gaming in various video games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. We might need to make a gameplay video to discover those new clues. Regina and I took our handy dandy scooters to catch up with PZ9 to tell him the new information we discovered. We decided to go undercover as PZ9 and meetup with PZ2 in order to not let the location of our safe house fall into the hands of Project Zorgo. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family-friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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We can't let PZ9 & PZ2 give our Safe House location to Project Zorgo! If you have any ideas how to stop let, comment below!

1 week ago


1 week ago

Chad i send friend request on vy in Roblox

1 week ago

Hi cwc 😚😆🙂😣😣☺

1 week ago


1 week ago

JSil ly R andomness q. H.

1 week ago

Pz9’s name is melvin

54 minutes ago


1 hour ago


2 hours ago

Chad i want a shoutout and kick bump🦶🏻and there is aalways hacker things behinde u you:

2 hours ago

Hey chat while clay is your best faded

3 hours ago


3 hours ago

Chad that's pz4

4 hours ago

Pz9 is Melvin

4 hours ago

Go to crafty time please

5 hours ago

BE djtnejsgdndzsmsidhdgdbjejshejdzrhdksudndhdhdudjdhsjskud.vy CHAD PZ4O9 PZ VY GE vy VY CHAD PZ4O9

5 hours ago


7 hours ago

For me PZ2 look’s scary with the bump 😂

8 hours ago

Look at daniel dance

8 hours ago

7:14 pz2 dont have shoes??

8 hours ago

pz2 is realy funny the real one

9 hours ago

love you chad im crying to see you

11 hours ago


12 hours ago

Pz9 put cameras in the teddies

13 hours ago

Uhh you guys really messed up bigtime

14 hours ago

I guessed the name right yaya

14 hours ago

love you spy ninjas

15 hours ago

Chad regina is dressed up as pz2

16 hours ago


16 hours ago

When Regina was crowing it said quack

19 hours ago


23 hours ago

PZ9 real name is Melvin

1 day ago

I thought pz9 was regina

1 day ago

Who is the will pd9 Stephen Sharer it's your best friend

1 day ago

XD. Cccxxxddgfcvfvd was cfhjjgot y y 5*

1 day ago