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Published: 2126 days
GaMetal visits Skyworld and takes on Dark Pit's Theme!

Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of the best Nintendo games made in a long time. If you have a 3DS and haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It's amazing.

Kid Icarus is one of my favorite franchises (due mostly to Uprising) that I haven't actually gotten around to doing a song for yet. I would actually like to do a few more KI songs in the future, but for now I went with the most requested: Dark Pit's Theme.

Even though he's one of the most stereotypically edgy characters, they threw a curveball at us and made his theme in an acoustic latin style (which, of course, is awesome). So now, we make Dark Pit full edge and give him the metal rendition of his theme that he's been missing.

PS. If you ever encounter 'Atma' on SSB4 using Pit or Dark Pit, that would be me. :)

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