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Published: 1197 days
That video was honestly very cancerous to make. Recording all these clips was one of the worst thing I did in my GD career for sure. The edit is also very effortless but I was so hyped to upload the video, so yeah, too lazy to make a very good editing. I think the concept is overall quite good and fun to watch!
Also, the main goal of the video is not to own world records or anything like that. Because you can easily beat them I think. But it is more like to show you that it is still possible to make original content about Geometry Dash, because a lot of person told me that most of the videos about Geometry Dash are effortless and overall pretty bad and "generic".
I'm also inviting you to beat these records, but warning, it's very unfun to play levels like the ones in the video.
1.5 month, it's the time between my last video and this one. Very sorry for being that much inactive, I hope my exams will be over soon so I will be able to make more content (and better content). Oh and also, I'm planning a comeback on Dangerous Penguin channel soon with two good videos, one on DP channel and the other one on this channel. I'm almost done making them. I hope you'll like them!
Anyway see you next month!


Levels :

- -Critical Error-
-Thinking Space
-Theory of Silent
-Ultra Death Note
-Death Anthem
-Satanic Clubstep


Music Use :

Pokemon Black/White Ending Theme :

Clubstep :

Phobos :

Windfall :

Wander of Though :

Theory of Everything :

Death Note Dubstep :

Menu Loop : Official Music


Twitch :


GFX : XovyaN


All musics credits go to their owns creators!


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